20 Nov 2010


Cards on table, I wasn't going to post on Tuesday's announcement that Price William has asked for 'commoner' (I can't believe that certain journalists have dubbed her this, hardly nice is it?) Kate Middleton's hand in marriage but found myself bowing to the various requests made by you my blogger buddies and FaceBook friends despite the fact that I know that this might upset (infuriate even) some of you and even has the potential for all sorts of comments to be made especially by those who are not regulars to Pen and Paper but happened upon it by chance today - please be gentle with me, kind to each other and remember that we are all entitled to our opinions and though they may not be your opinions please be respectful.

To be totally frank with you, neither a royalist nor an anti- royalist, I'm really not bothered about this announcement one way or the other - it's not as if I know the couple OR as if I'm likely to get an invitation to the engagement party let alone to the wedding, shame as I can see myself in a BIG hat. That said, I can see my feelings changing to one of complete boredom very soon as already I'm tired of hearing about it, of listening to all the speculation about when and where the wedding will be, who the best man/bridesmaids will be, if Prince Harry is Charles's son - whoops! That's a whole other post and a suggestion that might have once seen me sent to THE TOWER which in the 16th century acquired a reputation as a grim, forbidding prison in which many, generally high status individuals were held as prisoners later to be tortured and executed.

But I digress ...... As it is, I'm just as glad that I know where the off switch is on the tv.

Apart from those of us to whom this whole 'media circus' means very little I think the rest of the population basically fall into one or other of the two remaining camps:- The royalists who see this as a good thing at a time when things could be better here in Britain, a time when we can forget our troubles and throw ourselves into the celebrations, a time when the rest of the world will look on in envy, a time when money will be generated by people buying all manner of (dare I say it?) 'tacky' souvenir merchandise SUCH AS these mugs etc to commemorate the wedding of William's parents.  AND The anti- royalists who don't like the royal family anyway and see them as a drain on the taxpayer and will doubtless demand to know just how much this will cost 'Joe Public'.

My feelings about the whole media aspect aside, I wish the couple well just as I would on hearing the announcement of any other engagement  and hope that the attention will soon lessen so that they can begin life as any other couple would. HOWEVER why, oh why wasn't a new ring bought OR am I being totally unromantic and unsentimental? I know, many rings are passed down from one woman to another via a son but let's face it this ring hardly brought any luck to the last couple, William's father, Price Charles, and mother, Lady Diana Spencer for whom marriage sadly ended in divorce and her untimely death - oh dear, does that makes me superstitious as well as unromantic and unsentimental?

And for those of you yet to see the engagement announcement coverage, click HERE


Deepali said...

Petty, The media frenzy in the british isles must be beyond belief! we are only seeing it on our inner pages of the newspaper here in India, but the online media are keeping a close eye on the royals.
- Dee, hopping from e-Volving Books

The Golden Eagle said...

Not much about the engagement in the papers around here (USA). I saw it in the national news, but that was it . . . I agree about the ring. Diana didn't have a very good life.

SG said...

I don't know why they make a big deal out of this.

dr.antony said...

We have seen initial charms fading off,many a times. Married life is full of adjustments.Marrying a "commoner" is a risk'.They will find it difficult to follow the routines of royalty,which would soon become ordeals.

Dizzy C said...

I fear this will be topic of news for the next 12 months!
Speculation on everything from the Bride to be's dress to her underwear to the couples' title to their future dinner plates!

I am not sure on the ring thing. I would not want a ring from a marriage that went so badly wrong. I wonder how Kate feels about it.

I worry about how much this wedding will cost us commoners who are already in the middle of a pinching recession. I too would like to get married BUT cannot afford it!

I am already fed up with the media hype. I loved the Diana Charles wedding as a child but of course was not caught up in the neverending media coverage on a daily basis. I wonder if it was this bad back then?


Alyce said...

I have to admit that I am one of those people that will click through if I see an article in the news about the royals. I think it's a fascination simply because of living in the US without any official royalty. On the other hand, I really don't go seeking it out.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Haha, I've already seen the coverage about five or six times since Tuesday, and I don't even live in Britain.

I wish them luck!

Suko said...

I did read about this and couldn't believe that Kate was referred to as a "commoner" either. Wow! She seems to be a lovely young woman who will handle herself with grace and poise. Hopefully Prince William will be a prince of a husband. :)

Nikki-ann said...

My feelings on the ring are that it didn't exactly bring Diana good luck. I can only hope the happy couple have a much happier, long life together.

A said...


I guess I am one of those who requested you to write on this subject and I am glad you did.

I am on a business trip to China and TV (BBC and CNN) channels showed this in great details. Kate's family history, her interview, comparison with Diana and intricate details like Queen chose Diana but Prince William himself decided on Kate etc. etc. Somehow Diana was related to Blue blood and Kate is not even close....I know a lot about Kate now. Also they mentioned their breakup earlier...why the broke and they are back etc.

I am not saying that Monarchy is good. The only reason, I am for British royals as this way the UK is still trying to maintain its heritage in some form and fashion.

And we can Royal family is changing based on time - happily accepting marriage with Kate and becoming more internet friendly.

With regard to tax payer money, the argument I can make is --- if not Royal family, British will choose a President or something similar - that will be equally expensive too.

Kelly said...

Well, I can understand the ring thing considering we have one in our family that has been passed down. Then again, there wasn't any tragedy associated with it.

I'm still laughing at the "slip" about Prince Harry!

Alexia561 said...

I think you should definitely wear your BIG hat on the day of the wedding, even if you're not invited to the actual ceremony!

For some reason, I'm just not all that interested in the hoopla surrounding the engagement announcement. Got up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding coverage for Diana and Charles, but not sure I'll even watch Will and Kate's big adventure.

As for the ring, I think it was used by William as a sign of respect for his mother, as I think she really liked that ring. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember her not wanting to give it back after the divorce.

GMR said...

Well said.... ^_^

purplume said...

I am fascinated by stories of royalty and how they work for the highest good of all their subjects.
I am a Queen over here, in my own house that is.

naida said...

Royals fascinate me a bit for some reason. When I explained to my children that England has a Queen, Princes and Princesses they looked at me like I was inventing the whole thing...lol.
It's all over the news here too, complete with a list of eligible princes for 'common folk' to try and snatch up :(


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Okay, I am excited about this couple. Both are so attractive. It will be the wedding of the century I am sure.