15 Nov 2010


We've all heard of house sellers filling their homes with the smell of baking bread and brewing coffee in the hope of selling their homes more quickly AND the 'staycation' (A vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer - Urban Dictionary) but how about ......

The latest and most cunning trend in the world travel market is 'olfacation' OR 'perfume-themed' holiday destinations.
Hotel lobbies, bedrooms, resort facilities and even airports will be doused with 'come-hither', tailor-maid aromas, according to a report, with the aim of enticing you back there. the Bangkok Intercontinental will reek alluringly of lemon grass, apparently, so that whenever you catch a whiff, at home or elsewhere, you'll be whisked away mentally to Thailand. - Rose Prince.

And now for several food based articles. What tastes like a pear but looks like an apple?

The answer? A pear.

(Not one of my jokes....... ) A supermarket claims to have solved the 'notoriously tricky' problem of how to eat a pear - by stocking a version shaped like an apple. One supermarket chain said it's 'easy to eat' Deisanne pear would iron out dilemmas such as whether to eat from the base or the top, and how to hold the fruit once you have eaten the thin part. (Thank goodness! The number of sleepless nights I've spent worrying about this.)

If I was to ask you what you thought the most asked question was, what would you say?

It is not "Where's the remote?" NOR is it "Where have you been?" NOT EVEN "What's the weather like?"
It is: "What are we having for dinner?"
The question-and-answer search engine, Ask Jeeves, polled 3,000 adults on which question they either ask - or hear - on a daily basis.
The study suggests that the British are obsessed with food, regularly asking "What are you having for dinner?" "Are you hungry?" AND "What are you doing for lunch?"  *

And yet another question ......

Who is the first person you would turn to to ask for advice on health issues? I guess many of us would answer a doctor but we'd be wrong.

The Department Of Health is putting the ........ fast food companies McDonald's and KFC and processed food and drink manufacturers such as PepsiCo, Kellogg's, Mars and Diago at the heart of writing government policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease. - Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian. (READ FULL STORY)

Hmm, I'm only surprised the government didn't bring a tobacco manufacturer on board as well.

How could I forget to mention?

* Just in case you were wondering, the next nine questions asked according to the poll were:-
02. Are you ok?
03. How are you?
04. What's on the television?
05. What are you doing?
06. How was work?
07. What time will you be home?
08. Where are you?
09. What time is it?
10. Would you like a cup of tea?
And knowing The English obsession with the weather - at number 14, what is the weather like?

All of today's articles were printed in Saturday's Daily Telegraph unless otherwise stated.


Dizzy C said...

Thanks for sharing. I do enjoy these posts.

I would have thought the one about fast food giants being involved in health policies was an April Fool if we were in April! Conflict of Interest or what!!

enjoy ur week


The Golden Eagle said...

Well, I suppose the companies would be the ones who would know how to sell healthy eating, if they ever decide to change their tune; selling is what they do, after all.

Vivienne said...

I haven't checked out the Queen on Facebook yet. Now do I really want to befriend her?

Nick said...

I remember Rupert Bear. Still have some Rupert books from growing up in Australia. Today, Rupert books over there are all about Rupert Murdock and how to grow up as good little capitalists!

budh.aaah said...

Hahaa oh yes , now we do know how to eat that Pear.
Oh do we really ask such mundane questions then? I guess we do if thats what the poll says..so btw I just had my dinner pretty bland curry and veggies, what are you going to have for yours?
Thanks a ton PW for leaving such encouraging comment back there, and of course you can link it to anything that doesnt says ' the worst blog of the year' :)

SG said...

Thanks for the interesting post. Enjoyed reading.

Kate said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping into Kate's Library - you have a new follower! Looking forward to future posts! :)

Alyce said...

The thing about the pear made me laugh. I wish I could tell when they're ripe before they go bad. I'm terrible at that so I just buy them canned. :)

StarTraci said...

Was the pear shaped pear really a problem???


GMR said...

Wait wait wait...the QUEEN is now on FaceBook? Okay, so I'm probably officially the last person that is not on there. LOL. Oh and what ARE you having for dinner? (JK! Though I've yet to tackle that one today...*now pondering*)

Kelly said...

Don't worry, GMR...I'm not there either. But that was my first thought when I saw that the Queen was on FB.

Smells really can bring back memories!! So I can completely understand why places want to do that.

Interesting about the pear. I always just slice mine.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I have GOT to get me a copy of one of those newspapers...we Americans only report boring stuff like the economy and home building. Bleck.

naida said...

Great post. I'm so glad they have a pear that looks like an apple now :)

Jenners said...

The Queen is really on Facebook? I thought that was a joke!

And I hear "What is for dinner" every single day and I'm still almost always at a loss for the answer.

kavita said...

Mauki and Suzi are adorable !

No more sleepless nights over 'how to eat a pear'...lol !For the first time i am hearing of 'perfume themed holiday destination'- interesting !Going to check that Guardian report right after commenting ,oh, or may be later.My husband asked me few secs back...what's for breakfast ?

BookQuoter said...

Is the queen looking for more followers?

Do they call it Asian pears there too?

Lynda Young said...

I'm soo relieved about a pear looking like an apple. It's so much easier to eat! I used to be stumped. ;)

Dorte H said...

Oh, you are the pear of my eye!

And I must remember those questions when I try to write realistic, British dialogue :D
(Not that it sounds much different from the dialogue in our cottage).

NB: the word verification = Whicula - a modern Dracula story including whitches.

Misha1989 said...

The Queen on Facebook???

How do you come across such interesting news?

Patti said...

We have a fruit that mixes apples with pears, so I just buy that, so I don't have to worry about pears.

A said...

Hey PW,

Very interesting read. How about announcing the engagement with Kate on Twitter? That was awesome too....

I am hoping to see a post from you on that later today.

(Title:- Buckingham Palace goes online or something similar.)

Deepali said...

Yay, glad they are going after the fast food machine.

Love the top questions asked list :) I'm surprised weather doesn't feature in the top 10!