17 Nov 2010


Little brown brother, oh! little
brown brother,
Are you awake in the dark?
Here we lie cosily, close to
each other:
Hark to the song of the lark
"Waken!" the lark says, "waken
and dress you;
Put on your green coats and gay
Blue sky will shine on you,
sunshine caress you
Waken! 'tis morning 'tis May!"

Little brown brother, oh! little
brown brother,
What kind of a flower will you be?
I'll be a poppy all white, like
my mother;
Do be a poppy like me.
What! You're a sunflower! How I
shall miss you
When you're grown golden
and high!
But I shall send all the bees up to
kiss you;
Little brown brother, good-bye.

- Edith Nesbit.
1858 - 1924.

And now for some homegrown talent. Two very different styles of verse by two very different bloggers - I give you (drum roll please):-



Trac~ said...

Very neat poem(s) my friend! Hope you are doing well. Miss getting to talk to you but life has been keeping me pretty busy for sure. I haven't been on Facebook even lately other than yesterday due to the phishing of my account and last night for a brief moment. Hope all is well your way. xoxoxo

Vivienne said...

What an adorable poem. I get the feeling it has deeper meaning, especially to do with colour and creed, but it is very beautiful.

Misha1989 said...

I love the poem. Thanks for sharing!
Is it the same Edith Nesbit who wrote Five Children and It? I am guessing it is..

Willa said...

Poem of the day :-) Thanks for sharing!

budh.aaah said...

Wow somehow a touching poem..and Marinela's was so interesting too
Hey thanks PW :)

Kelly said...

What a sweet poem! I miss Cara's FreeVerse. *sigh*

Oddyoddyo13 said...

They're all so fantastic! I thought Marinela's Hope was very clever....

Jenners said...

This was so sweet. It made me happy! : )

themethatisme said...

'Five Children and It?' Yes, and The Railway children.

naida said...

I am a fan of hers! Great post.

GMR said...

Lovely poem....definitely a welcome break in the day...thanks for the share!