20 Oct 2010


Just as in the 'real' world, here in blogsphere we have friends that come and go, friends that we see almost every day, friends that we may see only from time to time and then, of course, friends who just seem to disappear. I was thinking about one such blogger buddy only the other day when I saw this article about Flarf.

Flarf? I hear you ask.

"Flarf, in case (like me) you didn't know, is nonsense poetry for the digital age. It uses weird word combinations produced by Google searches. Now K Silem Mohammed, a university lecturer, is working on a 'flarfirst' version of all 154 of Shakespeare's sonnets, retaining their rhyme and metre but entering every line into an online anagram generator. each resulting sonnet contains exactly the same letters. Here, for example, are the first two lines of Sonnet 13 when 'flarfed':

O! that you were your self: but, love, you are
No longer yours than you your self here live


Wise fools who rub the curly heads of state
Sweet monsters who sell honor out for fun.

Aha! What do you think?

Anyway, not flarf, I dedicate this verse to Carla who once upon a time hosted the weekly meme FreeVerse.

In Celia's face a question did arise,
Which were more beautiful, her lips
or eyes?
"We," said the eyes, "send forth those pointed darts
Which pierce the hardest
adamantine hearts."
"From us," replied the lips, "proceed those blisses
Which lovers reap by kind words
and sweet kisses."
Then wept the eyes, and from their
springs did pour
Of liquid oriental pearl a shower;
Whereat the lips, moved with
delight and pleasure,
Through a sweet smile unlock'd
their pearly treasure
And bad Love judge, whether did
add more grace
Weeping or smiling pearls to
Celia's face.

- THOMAS CAREW (1595 - 1640)


chitra said...

When I read your post only I thought about blogger buddies, real and virtual world it is the same.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Now that indeed is a beautiful ode to your blogger buddies.. I am srue they will be chuffed reading it ...

I beleive that friends are friends virtual or reality . I treat them the same maybe thats why it hurts the same :)

it was indeed great ot come here and reading some of the posts .. loved them

Bikram's blog

dr.antony said...

To me,flarf is not poetry.It is anything other than poetry.It is an insult to poets to call this kind of scribbling as poetry.No doubt, you can make many poets,if and when you have shortage of them.
I liked your poetry.Simple and enjoyable.Style and substance.

Christina Lee said...

I LOVE your ode and the idea of flarf! Silly fun!

kavita said...

Nice ode to your blogger buddies !

brandileigh2003 said...

Thanks for sharing!

Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

Patti said...

Funny thing about blogging buddies is there's always more people to meet. Great poem.

R. Ramesh said...

ya like patti says there r always more people to meet when it comes to blogging buddies:)

Suko said...

You are very clever and creative, Petty! I'd never heard of Flarf before.

There is much that could be said about the fleeting nature of virtual friendships, although some of them do last. At least with a blog (or Facebook account) you have a record of it all.

GMR said...

Hmm..not certain what to make of the flarf bit... O_o
As for the blogger buddies...definitely understand. Happens there and on Twitter and quite possibly every other social networking type site. Sometimes people lose interest, sometimes people move on, sometimes (to borrow a line from a Sister Hazel song) "life got in the way"....it happens. As for Carla...if I remember correctly, last I heard she moved South and was working through some things when she pulled out of the social circle there. Best wishes to her and all our other bloggin buddies that have fallen by the wayside for whatever reason. HUGS to all that remain. ^_^

Arti said...

True buddies never leave...
I have no words to describe the beauty of this poem.

SG said...

Loved your ode and also the flarf.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

This was beautiful...

joemmama said...


Deepali said...

Love your ode~~ Flarf is completely new to me, and it sounds fascinating :)

Kelly said...

I enjoyed the poem.

I really enjoyed FreeVerse and looked forward to participating each week. I miss it.

Jenners said...

Me likes Flarf!

And we had a nice little run with FreeVerse didn't we? I was starting to run out of poems though.

Heather said...

It's good to take a pause and reflect on those who we enjoy visiting with in a virtual way. Thank-you.

....Petty Witter said...

My apologies - I forgot to add the poets name and so may have accidently led you into believing this was my work. I have, of course, now corrected this by adding the name. Apologies again.

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

I love the ode and the idea of flarf. This was nice, Tracy.

I really enjoyed the poem.

B xx

naida said...

lol...how interesting Sonnet 13 is when flarfed!

lovely poem :)


Short Poems said...

Interesting... the idea of flarf is great :) Thanks Petty for sharing with us this post!