6 Oct 2010


As these two novels by GEMMA MALLEY form a series I thought I'd bring you the two books as one post.


My name is Anna and I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't exist. But I do.

Anna hides her secret diary away each night because she doesn't want to get into trouble for breaking the rules. Life in Grange Hall is governed by rules, rules that have to be obeyed in order to make up for breaking the biggest rule of all. Being born.

But when Peter arrives and starts to tell Anna shocking things about the outside world, she learns to question the rules and, with Peter, struggles to escape the past and find a better future.
...... From the outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE: 11 January 2140.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: "Being surplus means you have to limit your impact on the earth." she said. "They don't want us dead. They just don't want us spreading disease, or being too weak to be Useful."

The year is 2140. The battle against ageing has been won and people can now live for ever. But not everyone thinks that eternal life is a good thing and a resistance movement is fighting the drive for eternal youth.

Peter finds himself involved in a struggle not only against the authoritarian government, but also against his own family. A struggle that will test him to his limits and make him question his loyalty to Anna, the girl he loves, and everything he has ever believed in.
..... From the outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE: Overhead lightning, bleak and uncompromising, shone down into the small room like a prison guard's searchlight, picking out every speck of dust, every mark on the cheap carpet, every smudged fingerprint on the window sill.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Longevity did not appear out of nowhere, Peter; it is simply the latest invention in a long line of inventions - antibiotics, vaccinations, X-rays, even sanitation - all of which extend man's life substantially.

For books written with an age range of 12 plus in mind these deal with some quite heavy, scary and complex issues. Topical with their talk of over population, stem cell research and other environmental issues both books are powerful and thought provoking. Well written and with some interesting characters - I especially liked the extremely sinister Mrs Pincent - who all grew and developed wonderfully over the course of the books so that I'm sure young people will identify with them, both The Declaration and, it's sequel, The Resistance had me thinking of what it means to be human.

My only real criticism of the books being the designs on the front covers - The Declaration's cover being quite 'girly' with it's slightly shiny cover and butterfly image and The Resistance's cover being much more 'boyish' with it's spiders web design - which is a shame as I'm sure the stories themselves will appeal to both sexes.

So which, if any, book did I prefer?

It has to be said that I enjoyed The Resistance more. More thrilling and moving at a quicker pace, it was 'darker' and much  more disturbing in it's content which, on reflection, along with it's spider cover, may make this more of an appealing read than The Declaration to boys.

Both books I will doubtlessly re- read as I'm sure much is missed in the first reading, I will be surprised if they are not made into a film(s).

The Declaration and The Resistance were purchased from The Book People.


Arti said...

The Resistance looks a good one to read...
Its first line left me wanting for more, its thrilling, dark...
Plus you have gave a thumbs up:)

kavita said...

When i was reading your review on both the books i felt that they sound like perfect plots for the movies.And you said the same thing.
Would love to read both the books .Thanks.

SG said...

Thanks for the info. Would be interested to read The Resistance.

chitra said...

I haven't read the post to be honest,I am too tired after my classes but just wanted to say hello to my sweet friend. Shall catch up soon.

Alyce said...

I haven't heard of either of these, but I'll be keeping them in mind. They sound like the sort of books I would enjoy.

Melissa Gill said...

Great, I love YA Dystopian. I used to think that made me...you know...kindof weird, but now it seems like everyone loves these, so I know I'm in good company.

StarTraci said...

I am going to have to stop reading your blog because you keep giving ne great books to read and I am already tripping over my huge "to read" list"! These books look great. I want to run out right now and get them. The fact that I am broke and the aforementioned huge pile aside, I am so intrigued.

Thanks always for sharing your fabulous library with us.


Kelly said...

I've tried to branch out in my reading and this series really sounds good! Is it just the two of them or will there be more?

Personally, I like both covers... especially the one with the spider.

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

I've never heard of either of these books. I have to admit I was surprised when you mentioned these books were written for a targeted 12-year old audience. Reading the synopsis of The Resistance made me think at least young-adult.

I must admit that I'm slightly terrified of The Resistance's cover, being arachnophobic.

I would definitely love reading these books :D Thank you for the review <3

Oddyoddyo13 said...

They sound exactly like movie material! I'll have to check them out. :)

-Sam I Am- said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! It made my day to see you had stopped by again :)
Loving your blog, as always! Have a beautiful day!!

Suko said...

I hadn't heard of either of these books before stopping here. Sounds like a set worth reading.

Veens said...

Thanks for stopping by. Haven't heard of these books, thanks for the info!

Pam said...

Those books sound good but they are targeted to twelve year olds? I guess it just depends on the individual kid and their maturity levels. I learned my lesson on too much maturity when I took my daughter to hear a lecture by a holocaust survivor when she was in 7th grade. She still has nightmares about lamps made from human skin.

brandileigh2003 said...

This sounds wonderful. Thanks for the review.
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

GMR said...

Enjoyed the review! I quite agree with you on the covers...seems to rather put on males or females respectively based on their design...aside from the fact that had I not read your review, I probably would have by-passed it in the store. Never would have guessed THAT story lied within. Thanks for sharing...and happy reading!

Misha1989 said...

I have never read this author! Thanks a lot for the review!

Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading) said...

I like the sound of these! Putting them on my TBR list now. Thank you!