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13 Sep 2010



England 1950. At Buckshaw, the crumbling country seat of the de Luce family, very-nearly-eleven-year-old Flavia is plotting revenge on her older sisters. Then a dead bird is left on the doorstep, which has an extraordinary effect on Flavia's eccentric father, and a body is found in the garden. As the police descend on Buckshaw, Flavia decided to do some investigating of her own.

..... From the outer back cover.

FIRST SENTENCE: It was as black in the closet as old blood.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: As he drank, I remembered that there's a reason we English are ruled more by tea than by Buckingham Palace or His Majesty's Government: apart from the soul, the brewing of tea is the only thing that sets us apart from the Great Apes.

The first of the Flavia De Luce mysteries and what a wonderful read it was. Nostalgic, witty, cleverly written and with a memorable cast of characters - who could resist names such as Flavia, Ophelia Gertrude, Dr Kissing, and Jacob Tingle?

Almost 11 year old Flavia is the rather unusual, unwitting heroine of our story. Kicked out of the Brownies for manufacturing ferric oxide to earn her domestic service badge, Flavia is intelligent beyond her years and yet. at the same time, argues with her sisters (Daphne and Ophelia Gertrude) as is typical of a girl her age.

Somewhat reminiscent of The Secret Seven/Famous Five Books made famous by Enid Blyton, Flavia is a child of times gone by, a child, who despite having found a dead body in the garden, lives in gentler times which makes this such a nice story to read.

A book I would highly recommend to those who like their crime served with a little sugar, The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie is an enchanting read.

The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie was a book club read.


Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I LOVED this book and book #2 of the series as well. I can't believe book #3 will be out soon as well.

Glad to read your review. Flavia was just great.

Mary said...

Nice review. I think I heard somewhere that it is a great audiobook. I may look for that.

Arti said...

Looks my kind of book... Nice review... Will scout for this book soon!
Have a nice day:)

susan s. said...

I love that first sentence. This will be on my list.

chitra said...

Here to say hello. was traveling, I would say I was on a pilgrimage. Shall catch up soon. See you.

Nina said...

I really like that name Dr Kissing. So fun!

Kissed by an Angel said...

The book looks and sounds brilliant!! I need some books for my holiday!!!

SG said...

Loved your review, especially the "memorable moment".

Suko said...

Petty, I've wanted to read this book for ages. Your review is excellent and makes me want to read it even more. :)

Vivienne said...

An Enid Blyton feel gets my vote. I do have this one and keep forgetting to read it. Will definitely move it up the pile.

Dorte H said...

What a fine review!

And this one sounds very suitable for my cosy mystery curriculum.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Sounds cool! An eccentric father, a daughter wise beyond her years plotting against her older sisters....I'm intrigued. :)

Jennifer McLean said...

I'm so envious of your voracious reading skills! I've actually been finding time to read lately and am about to start a new book tonight. I just wish I read faster. It seems you devour books, and such a wide variety too. Good on you, Tracy.

How's your Beginning of September going? It's getting colder here, darn. :o(

GMR said...

Now that sounds simply wonderful....a fun "oldie" but goodie if you will. Will have to look into further....thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

I read this earlier in the year and thoroughly enjoyed it! I'll certainly continue with the series.

Great review!

Jenners said...

Wasn't it a wonderful read? I love how you summed it up ... those who like their crime served with a bit of sugar!

Heather said...

Thanks for your wonderful review. I have read so many good things about this book that I am left wonderfing why I haven't read it yet. I just went and requested it from my library, so hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be reading it. Yippee.

ps. yes, the tweety pot is the Mukka Express. It's so adorable. I love having it in my kitchen.

Heather said...

I did request this after reading your review and have now posted my review.