10 Aug 2010


Should I or shouldn't I? I'm very tempted by this challenge that I read about over at MY READERS BLOCK. Started by Hotpot Cafe, the BIRTH YEAR READING CHALLENGE runs until the 31st of December, the idea being:-

What books were published the year you were born? This challenge encourages you to find out, and then read some of them. You might even draw some conclusions about what was going on in the literary world that year.
Wikipedia has lists of books by year published. Literary prize lists are a great source, and Googling “best books of _____” will also give you interesting results. *

Ready to join? Leave a comment (on the above link to the Birth Year Challenge and not here) and a link to your post!  (We promise no one will make any snarky comments about your age.)

The rules?

1. Join anytime between now and November 30, 2010. The challenge ends at midnight EST on December 31, 2010.

2. Books may come from your TBR pile or list, but they don’t have to.
3. Overlaps with other challenges are allowed and encouraged.
4. Change your list at any time.
5. Reviews and reactions are encouraged, but you don’t need to have a blog to participate.
6. All genres and formats are eligible. If it’s a book, you can count it.
7. One candle is awarded for each qualifying book you read. There is no limit on how few or how many candles you can earn.

Anything more?

Yes, there are prizes to be had. When you meet your reading goal, we’ll let you select a book from our library – most likely a gently used trade paperback – and mail it to you. But keep reading because . . .

On January 1, 2011, the three readers who’ve earned the most candles will be entered into a drawing to win a collectible first edition/first printing copy of Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2008.

OK. So was there anything of interest published in (uhum) 1968?

Chariots of the Gods: Was God An Astronaut?  -  Erich Von Däniken.
Although in the years following it's initial release, some of Von Daniken's theories have been proven to be somewhat spurious, much of the material in this book is both fascinating and valid. (And let's be honest, if somebody makes a lot of claims, some are going to be proved wrong at one point or another...)Chariots of the Gods explores the possible relationship of mankind's history with beings from other worlds. Was Jesus an astronaut? You may find the concept a little (or extremely) wacky, but read this book, and by the end, you'll be wondering. Absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in offbeat ideas, and almost as important to anyone else who needs to broaden their ideas of the world a little. However strange those ideas may be... (Amazon)

Forfeit - Dick Francis.
Bert Checkov was a Fleet Street racing correspondent with a talent for tipping non-starters. But the advice he gave to James Tyrone a few minutes before he fell to his death, was of a completely different nature. James investigates, and soon finds his own life, and that of his wife, at risk. (Amazon)

Star Quest - Dean R Koontz.
"In a universe that had been ravaged by a thousand years of interplanetary warfare between the star-shattering Romaghins and the equally voracious Setessins, there seemed now but one thing that might bring the destruction to an end..." (Powerset Wikapedia Articles)

Colonel Sun (A James Bond novel) - Robert Markham.
When Secret Service chief, M, is violently kidnapped from his house, "Quarterdeck", James Bond follows the clues to Vrakonisi, a Greek Aegean island, where he, and Ariadne Alexandrou, a Greek Communist agent, plan to rescue M. Meanwhile they must thwart the complex military-political plans of People's Liberation Army Colonel Sun. Sun is sent to sabotage a Middle East détente conference (of which the Soviets are hosts) and blame Great Britain. (Powerset Wikapedia Articles)

By The Pricking Of My Thumbs - Agatha Christie.
In the nursing home where Tommy Beresford's aunt Ada now lives, fellow resident Mrs. Lancaster stirs up worry among those in charge with her bizarre, disjointed ramblings about 'your poor child' and 'something behind the fireplace'. Intrigued, Tommy and his wife Tuppence, who are now in their sixties, conduct an investigation that leads them down some dark and dangerous paths, and possibly into a confrontation with a child killer... (Powerset Wikapedia Articles)

2001: A Space Odyssey - Arthur C Clarke.
When an enigmatic monolith is found buried on the moon, scientists are amazed to discover that it's at least 3 million years old. Even more amazing, after it's unearthed the artifact releases a powerful signal aimed at Saturn. What sort of alarm has been triggered? To find out, a manned spacecraft, the Discovery, is sent to investigate. Its crew is highly trained--the best--and they are assisted by a self- aware computer, the ultra-capable HAL 9000. But HAL's programming has been patterned after the human mind a little too well. He is capable of guilt, neurosis, even murder, and he controls every single one of Discovery's components. The crew must overthrow this digital psychotic if they hope to make their rendezvous with the entities that are responsible not just for the monolith, but maybe even for human civilization. (Amazon)

* NB. I found the following site to be of much more use when researching books published in 1968 - POWERSET.COM. To use simply click on the link add the year to be searched (1968 for example) followed by In Literature.


Darlyn said...

I would probably cant enter this time. I have signed up a few challenges myself and in no way near to finish it. But hope you will come to your decision soon. =)

Tastemaster said...

What a novel idea!

NabilaHazirah said...

I'm not that familiar with any of these books. But the challenge sounds fun!


chitra said...
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Boonsong said...

I'd do it if I had the time just for the Arthur C Clarke book.

Have a nice day, Boonsong

chitra said...

Earning candles....seems to be a good idea. But have to read a lot. Let me see. But your idea is encouraging me.

GMR said...

Oh drat! Sounds like a great challenge, but alas, too many "need to read" in line to sign up. Took a look at the books pub'd in my year though...hmm, looks like I've only read one of them. *hangs head in shame* But it does present an interesting idea for future reading...best of luck to you! ^_^

purplume said...

What a great idea - I have read and loved one book published in my birth year - Goodnight Moon. I must remember to comeback to this post September.
Best luck with this challenge.

Traci said...

What a super cool challenge. I think that is one of the most creative ones I have heard of -- I'm even a little tempted.

I think you should do it. It looks like you have an awesome year of books from which to choose.


Heather said...

What an interesting challenge. I will check out some books, but don't think I am in for the challenge unless it matches up with my current reading plans.

BookQuoter said...

Oh no, I have to give away my age? :)

Kelly said...

This is a fun idea! I need to go look at my year before I make any decisions, though. I can assure you I wouldn't be one of those who earns the most candles!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Hmmm....*slyly* Seems like you've done quite a bit of research on this, would be a shame to waste it all. (Besides, its reading! Its all wonderful no matter what year.)

Interesting challenge. :)

Jenners said...

What a neat idea! I read a book from my birth year (1967 -- ack! I'm older than you!) and I didn't really like it (The Chosen by Chaim Potok) but it is a cool idea.

Another way to find books is to look at the bestseller lists by year ... you'll find tons that way.

Pam said...

Wow! You bravely posted the year you were born. I posted a picture of myself today but it is small and far away! :)
You have some great authors on there so this should be a fun reading challenge.

Alison said...

Wow...what a cool idea! I'd try it if I didn't already have too many books in my TBR.
Alison Can Read

Valerie said...

I agree, you are brave to post your birth year! Mine is three years before yours...do the math :-). It seems like a cool challenge; if you want to join, go for it! As for myself, I do really bad at challenges and wouldn't join.

Martha said...

That sounds like an engaging assortment of titles to read.
The latest book I'm reading is a cookbook on Tapenades, marinades, and spreads. Cookbooks can be quite relaxing and stimulating for this foodie.
((HUGS)) to you and Dh!