6 Aug 2010


Hows this for the latest in beauty treatments? Fancy a FISH PEDICURE?

When you think of a pedicure, you expect one beautician to be attending to your foots wants and needs, right? Well, not this time. Say hello to the fish pedicure.
If you haven't already heard of the bizarre form of tootsie TLC, the fish pedicure, you don't need to know much; the name is a dead giveaway... Hundreds of tiny carp-like fish nibble on your problem areas - hard skin, cracked heels and blistered skin, leaving you with smooth, sandal-ready feet.
The 30-minute treatment begins with washing your feet with a wet towel (obviously these fish do not tolerate filthiness.) You slowly and slightly precariously place your feet into the chilled water and in no more than 10 seconds your feet are covered in tiny little fish - Cosmopolitan magazine.

OR if the price tag of £15 sounds a little pricey how about a perfect home pedicure not involving fish?

◦Give your cuticles a weekly massage with a cuticle oil, this will keep them hydrated and is excellent for the nail plate.
◦Give your nails a weekly buff to gently remove any ridges, leaving them healthy, shiny and smooth. This will also help when applying polish.
◦Where possible apply a sticky base coat, not only will this shield your nail from the polish it will also help the longevity of your varnish.
◦If you have a summer wedding or special occasion, pick a varnish that is hinted in your outfit, if patterned, or a colour that will compliment the look.
◦If going for different colours on your fingers and toes, try to choose colours from the same palette, using the lighter shade on your finger tips.
◦Be sure not to apply too much polish as it will take longer to dry (especially in the heat) and is more prone to chipping and peeling away.
◦Always apply a non-yellowing Top Coat, this will help with colour fade and changes to the varnish you have chosen - a real must in the heat.
◦When removing varnish, use a cotton pad soaked in non-acetone remover, hold over the nail for a few seconds then gently wipe off .
◦If your nail polish is very thin, open the bottle and leave it for a couple of minutes before applying.
◦Give your nails at least 1 hour to dry, although they may feel dry to touch they can still be tacky and prone to scratches.
◦Regular manicures and pedicures as these will greatly increase nail growth whilst keeping them shiny and smooth.


chitra said...

So you have started with beauty tips too.:) Good work. I am scary about the fishy thing but the second one is very useful.

R. Ramesh said...

ya read about the fish treatment...good post buddy

Nina said...

Love the post. Fish, not so fond of. :)

Bonnie said...

I've seen that fish pedicure on TV and...it's not for me! Thanks for the tips.

Hott Books - Gina said...

I'm visiting from the hop.
The fish sounds gross but you are absolutely right about the palette - it's a pet peeve!!
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Oddyoddyo13 said...

Yuck. I've heard of that fish pedicure before....still doesn't sound like something I would do. LoL

R. Ramesh said...

thanks buddy..best wishes always:) stay connectd:)

Jenny said...

Just popping in via the hop to say hi! I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews. Happy Friday!

misha1989 said...

I am a new follower via the hop. Enjoy the weekend


GMR said...

Wow... O_o ... what will they come up with next! Yeah, I'm voting for the home version, prize tag or not, fishies around my feet are enough to worry about when swimming in the ocean, don't think I'm about to put my foot in a bowl of them willingly.

Anonymous said...

First the fish hotel and now this??? Poor fish!

Suko said...

Hi, I am here from the Hop! I've heard about "fishy pedicures" before. The thought of tiny fish nibbling my feet makes me cringe! NO THANK YOU!!

Have a great weekend! :)

Bibliophile By the Sea said...

OKAY I am totally grossed out...LOL I can barely stand a regular pedicure with someone else touching my feet, never mind fish nibbling away...LOL

Kelly said...

I've read about the fish pedicure before, and I don't think that would be for me! It kind of gives me the willies to think about!

Lots of good tips in the rest of your post. Looking at my nails (both hands and feet), I could stand to follow some of them.

Ordinary Reader said...

Hi. I'm dropping in from the hop. I don't blame you for the word verification. I've been lucky so far but I know eventually I'm going to get hit and I'll have to add verification too. Have a great weekend, Dianne

Jenners said...

Oh My Lord. Now I've heard everything. I hope they aren't using piranhas! HAHA!

awitchtrying said...

I saw the fish pedicure in a movie once. I didn't think they were real! How strange!