5 Jul 2010


After last month's disaster with the awards (remember I managed to delete the post), I thought I'd best be extra careful this time. So .......

Many thanks:-

Not a blogger herself but a follower of Pen and Paper, I received this from Susan via FaceBook.

Knowing I dislike my real name, Susan asks what I'd liked to have been called. Well I was going to be called Carol until I was born and my mam thought I didn't look like a Carol. Ma-in-Law insists I look like a Jessica and, as a child, I wanted to be called Christine or Melanie. Any of these would have been preferable.

As each and every one of my fellow blogger buddies is committed to blogging I'd like you all to take the 'spreading the blog joy' award and pass it on, spreading yet more blogger joy.

Betty @ CUT AND DRY for The Best Blog Buddy Award.

As there were no 'rules' specified for this one I'd like to pass it onto any of my blogger buddies who care to take it. All wonderful, I owe such a lot to so many of you

Niki @ NIKI'S BOOK REVIEWS for The Versatile Blogger Award.

The only 'rules' being I list seven things you didn't know about me.

  • I have hay fever.

  • I'm known as Aunty Taitty to  niece #1.

  • As a child she went through a stage of calling me Beesie (Nobody knows why).

  • As a child I was 'savaged' (OK, bitten) by my pet hamster.

  • My favourite colour is yellow.

  • I'm allergic to celery.

  • The most beautiful building I've ever visited is the BLUE MOSQUE in Istanbul, Turkey.
And this one goes to..... Husband and wife teams CHRIS AND JESS, and (Mr and Mrs) BOONSONG who work together to produce such wonderful blogs. Also to R. RAMESH for his charming blog and olde worlde courtesy and 'young un's' NINA, ODDY and, NABILAH all three of whom have restored my faith in young people. (And don't I feel old writing that!)


Nina said...

Thank you, thank you and again thank you for that wonderful award. Also I have to say you where 'savaged' by your pet hamster, that sounds terrible! Was it okay after it bitten you..I'm just joking! :) I have hay fever too!!!!!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Very cute and fun awards - congratulations Petty Witter! :D

Boonsong said...

Thanks for the award. Mrs S says thanks too. I'm not really sure what I should do now, and I'm much too polite to ask.

Thanks again. And thanks for an interesting blog too.

Best wishes from the Somboons

Lit Addicted Brit said...


Thanks for 'hopping' by my blog - I love all of your anecdotes and thoughts on bits you've read in the newspapers!

Nice to know a blogger from so nearby - I'm living in Yorkshire but I'm a Lancashire girl at heart, which apparently is an odd combination, who knew?

Look forward to keeping up with your blogging.


MOLLYC said...

Jessica, huh? Well, I love the name Tracy! Did I ever tell you that I renamed myself "Annabricks" when I was about 5? Where THAT came from, I will never know! Love to you, as always, molly

Pam said...

Congrats on your well deserved awards. My daughter has always disliked her name. Not sure what she wants to change it too though. SInce my mom wanted to name me Renee (which I hate) I was happy my name turned out to be Pamela!

GMR said...

Congratulations on the awards...so nice of you to pass them along. ^_^ As for the name change bit...that's too funny! When I was little and we'd play at recess (or whenever), when choosing a name for the game, I always chose Christy. Coincidence? *ponders* ^_^

purplume said...

Congratulations to all.
Wow allergic to celery. NO chocolate covered celery for you. XD