25 Jun 2010


There really is just no getting away from it. Sad to say that not even Pen and Paper is a safe refuge. To what do I refer? The WORLD CUP of course. Thankfully Husband dearest is more of a rugby man and so I haven't been too bothered by it at home but for those who have ........

"A building society estimates that seven million men have a 'hubbyhole' - a men-only-zone where chaps can escape from the relentless feminisation of modern life - and that another million are planning to join that number during the world cup." - Tom Sykes, The Daily Telegraph.

Hmm, a hubbyhole - best place for them if they are planning on watching football at every given opportunity.

Mind you, on a much more serious note, research also shows that divorce rates also go up at this time, which brings me to my next (not so serious) article.

Standing side by side, dressed in their 'Sunday best' "Saori did not slip the ring lovingly on to her left hand before sealing their union with a kiss.
Instead, the pair were handed a hammer - and proceeded to smash the ring to symbolise the end of their five-year marriage.
The bizarre ritual is becoming increasingly popular among Japanese couples who choose to end their marriages with the same pomp ad ceremony with which they began them."  - Danielle Demetriou, The Telegraph (FULL STORY.)

To divorce him for watching a bit to much footie - a bit drastic, don't you think? Nothing wrong in letting him know who is boss though, a little henpecking (husbands plagued or overwhelmed by a nagging or overbearing wife as Wikitionary explains it) and research proves it.

"Being a henpecked husband (yet more research shows that the average wife spends nearly 8,000 minutes a year nagging her husbasnd*) could be the secret of a long marriage.
Researchers have found that if the man of the house is less happy than his wife, the risk of divorce is reduced. But if the husband is much happier than his partner, she is more likely to leave him.
A team of economists examined data from tens of thousands of marriages in three countries and identified what they call 'the happiness gap'.
The report titled 'You Can't Be Happier Than Your Wife. Happiness Gaps And Divorce was published in Germany." (VIEW REPORT) - Richard Alleyne The Telegraph.

So, he doesn't have a hubbyhole and you don't really want a divorce. How about taking up a sport of your own? Might I suggest .......

Pie throwing? Yes, The BUREAU OF SILLY IDEAS (Bosi) is calling for pie throwing to be made an official Olympic sport.

No, don't fancy that, how about table tennis?

"The metamorphosis has happened with dizzying speed. Table tennis, a sport that has traditionally suffered from an image of downright 'geekiness' is, for the moment at least, the sexiest sport on the planet.
The revolution started in central Manhattan (USA) last summer with the opening of the world's first ping-pong nightclub.
SPiN, as it is aptly called, is cool and swanky, the dance floor taken up with ping-pong tables. The idea is to hold a fizzing BELLINI in one hand and to whack a ball with the other." - MATTHEW SYED, The Times.

* There is no need for you, Husband dearest (or anyone else for that matter) to comment on this - we all know I DO NOT NAG.


themethatisme said...

Sorry, just choked on my coffee at the last comment.

....Petty Witter said...

I don't, I merely remind you when you don't do things on the first time of asking. x

Leanne said...

I'm with Tracy on this one - if Joe actually did things on his own initiative, (and I don't mean going to the pub) then I wouldn't have to remind him that he hasn't done said task. So it's all his fault if I do ever nag. SO THERE! x

Amanda said...

I am a bit over the all World Cup hype. I feel like it's been going on for months. Like some market-driven plague... kinda like Christmas when the shops start putting out decorations in September... ARRGHH!!

And I don't even live in a serious soccer playing country (Australia). I hate to think what it's like elsewhere.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Found you on the "Hop" links, but I've been seeing you around. I just signed up to follow.

Nora said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

R. Ramesh said...

hahha enjoyed reading yr comment..and congrats on yr growing no. of followers.u r good and sure many more willl join the team..cheers n wishes always friend:)

tattytiara said...

I remember once seeing a thing about a guy who was trying to get mime inducted as an Olympic sport. Some years later I watched the Richard Attenborough special with that lone parrot, the last of it's kind, that kept climbing a hill to wait for the mate that would never come. It reminded me of that mime.

Boonsong said...

A hubby hole? Is that the gentleman's equivalent of a wifey wefuge?

Wedding rings: I wanted to throw my ring from my first marriage into the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Wife #2 persauded me against the idea. So I still have Wife #2 and Ring #1. Thank heaven it's not the other way round....

Thanks for a lovely post.

All the best, Boonsong

Kelly said...

Hmm... for some reason this post didn't come up in my dashboard. Glad I found it!

I like the word "hubbyhole". My husband works from home and thank goodness we both have our areas we can go to get away from each other. That might be why we are soon to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! (because yes, I'm guilty of nagging!)