27 Jun 2010


Eliza Doolittle (as portrayed left by AUDREY HEPBURN in the film MY FAIR LADY), the flower girl with the cockney accent and battered straw hat, has become part of English folklore. The tale of the lowly Covent garden worker who was groomed so that she could pass as a lady in high society is as popular as ever for what it reveals about the British class system. Doolittle, though, it is always assumed was a totally fictional character, a romantic dream of playwright GEORGE BERNARD SHAW .

But now the true story of Sabrina Sidney, the real life Eliza, is to be told for the first time in a book that is at the centre of a publishers' bidding war.

Author Wendy Moore, already high up the non-fiction bestsellers' list with her book, WEDLOCK, has found herself the object of much commercial interest as she sets out to detail the life of the young orphan who was taken out of poverty in 1769 and trained to become the ideal partner for a gentleman. - Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer (READ MORE.)


Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

I love Audrey Hepburn and My Fair Lady film was remarkable!
Sounds like a great book, great read!
~B xx

Jenners said...

You always find the coolest little tidbits to share.

chitra said...

I have seen My fair lady and I love the beauty.
Happy you have 92 followers. You will hit century very soon.

Amanda said...

What an interesting back story - and insight into the influences on George Bernard Shaw's life. You have to wonder how he came across people like Thorpe and Sabrina - researching in the basement of Oxford's library?

Also - thank you for the kind words on my RSS post.

I hope the little change gets you to the century! Doing a couple of tiny tweaks to the layout of my blog sure helped. And they are simple, you just kick yourself for not doing them earlier.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Ah, if only we could all be fought over for our work! Oh well. :)

I love finding out that fiction is actually fact-it makes the story that much more captivating.

Congrats on 93 followers! Here's hoping for that extra seven!

Kelly said...

Interesting! I had no idea there was a real life person behind the character!

Dorte H said...

Follower no 94 here. (Nice & easy way to make someone happy, especially as I followed your blog anyway :D)

Alexia561 said...

Never even considered that My Fair Lady might be based on a true story. Sounds fascinating!

Hope both you and Husband Dearest are doing well! Take care!

GMR said...

Well this DOES sound rather interesting now doesn't it....I would be very curious to read it once it finally makes published status (darn bidding wars). Great share...happy reading! ^_^

Jennifer McLean said...

Totally WOOOHooooooo!!!!!!!! about the upcoming 100th follower, wish I could follow again and be IT!

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Lily said...

How interesting and exciting! I'm going to put a link to this article on my blog right now!!

Mary Bennett said...

Lily sent me over from her blog. Very interesting!!


Bonnie said...

Hi, Went over to finish the rest of the article and what an interesting background on the story!

Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend, Bonnie