28 Apr 2010


Firstly may I introduce you to Marinela at SHORT POEMS. A new blogger buddy, Marinela's wonderful blog is a collection of poetry "mostly for kids" that she has written since the tender age of 6. Please do pop by and say hello, I'm sure you'll be made welcome.
Today's post comes courtesy of the latest magazine from the BRITISH HEDGEHOG PRESERVATION SOCIETY (BHPS) an organisation I'm proud to be a lifetime member of.
Before today's 'hedgehoggy' contribution to FreeVerse which as always is hosted by Cara over at OOH ... BOOKS! I thought to pass on the following which might be of interest:-
* To follow the BHPS on Facebook simply search for 'British Hedgehog Preservation Society' and click on the page link then 'become a friend' OR click HERE.

** Whilst to follow on Twitter go to www.twitter.com/hedgehog society.
*** For those of you who happen to be hedgehog fans and/or stamp collectors you might be interested to hear that the hedgehog is celebrated on a new stamp from the Royal Mail. Released this month, the BHPS have teamed up with the UK's leading producer of first day covers to make an official hedgehog first day cover.
A limited edition by award winning designer, Cath BUCKINGHAM (FIRST DAY COVERS), the cover features the new stamp, a lovely photograph of a hedgehog and a special BHPS postmark with a limited number being personally autographed by the society's patron.
The covers cost £11.95 unsigned or £22.95 signed but please ensure you order through the link on the BHPS website (as highlighted before) for 40% of every sale to go to the charity.
**** Sell your unwanted goods on ebay and raise funds for the BHPS. 'ebay For Charity' allows you to list an item on on ebay and donate 10-100% of your final sale to the society. To learn more visit www.ebay.co.uk/charityThis verse about a weather-wise hedgehog is taken from the POOR ROBIN'S ALMANAC written in 1733.
Observe which way the
Hedgehog builds her nest,
To front the north or south,
Or east or west;
For 'tis true that common
People say,
The wind will blow the quite
Contrary way.
If, by some secret art the
Hedgehog knows,
So long before, which way
The wind will blow,
She has an art which many
A person lacks
That thinks himself fit to
Make our almanacs.


Nina said...

Great poem, even though I am not a poetrylove I believe it's still a good poem. :)

Kelly said...

Cute poem! So do you think hedgehogs can predict the weather by how they build their nests?

Marinela has a nice site. I paid her a visit after she commented at mine and was quite taken with the Lantern Poetry. It reminded me a bit of Haiku, which I love.

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a lovley poem!!!

Martha said...

I love hedgehogs but alas and alack, none reside here. We do however have their bald cousin, the possum.

chitra said...

Studied about hedgehog in my zoology class. reminded me abt.that

Pam said...

That is a cute poem. We don't have hedgehogs where we live, but we do have opossums.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

That's so cute! I have a new found love of hedgehogs now. :)

Anonymous said...

Not a bad skill to know which way the wind will blow.

Here's a toast to hedgehogs!

Jen said...

It's eerie how animals seem to know things, isn't it? Have you heard about the animals' behavior before the tsunami?

Jenners said...

Now we'll need to have Hedgehog Day instead of Groundhog Day!

....Petty Witter said...

A great idea Jenners - actually they do have their own week, May 2nd to May 8th.