2 Apr 2010


I was going to do an Easter post but thought that as I'd done the whole (Wot no) EASTER EGG BIT I'd now leave that particular topic to other bloggers and instead bring you a post on ........
Eggstraordinary animals (Sorry. I just couldn't resist).
We've all heard of CAT burglars. Ok, I know, a pretty lame opening sentence but today's post is, after all, about animals involved in 'criminal activity'. Yes I know when I do a post about crime the culprit is usually of the two legged variety. Well not in this instance (apart from the squirrel, that is.)
Caught in the act (SHOEly not?) A fox in Fohren, Germany, had to plead guilty to the charge of theft after some 100 pairs of shoes were found in his den. The animal was witnessed taking them from doorsteps.
The charge? JOY RIDING. Alton Towers (an English theme park) has banned a daredevil grey squirrel from hitching a ride on it's Sonic Spinball ride (looks scary, view by clicking HERE) for, you guessed it, health and safety reasons. Alarms have been installed to scare the squirrel, nicknamed Sonic (hey, I thought he was a hedgehog), off.
Drivers - Beware! Motorists with roof-top luggage boxers are being advised not to visit Knowsley Park in Merseyside as a cunning troop of it's resident baboons has learned how to spring the locks on the boxes and steal their contents.
In need of a quick get-away? A family in a Johannesburg nature reserve were thrilled when a 300lb lion approached their car - only to be horrified when it opened the back door of the vehicle with it's ........ teeth.
Hit (and run?). A New York woman is taking a restaurant to court for unspecified damages after she was hit by a 10 stone stuffed moose head (ouch that had to to hurt). Raina Kumra suffered concussion when the head - with 3ft antlers - fell off a wall at the Scandinavian themed eatery.
(Dogonne!) A police informant. A German criminal was given up to police by his ..... pet dog (whoever said dogs were man's best friend?) The 52 year old's Jack Russell wagged his tail in front of the cupboard that his owner was hiding in, after his flatmate claimed that he didn't know where he was.


Tina said...

I had a startling image of the lion opening the door, followed by the screams and revving..

The Clean White Page

Kissed by an Angel said...

You just have to laugh at these - well, maybe not the lion one so much!!! I would have really panicked!!!
Happy Easter to you.

Nina said...

That's so funny picturing that in my head! Joyriding.. :)
Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

I have to admit...I'm laughing at all of these, too, even the ones I shouldn't be!

Have you ever seen the clip of the seagull that steals bags of chips from a convenience store? Funny!

Kristen said...

Hi! This is Kristen from beautifulordianry.com, just wanted to pop in and say thanks for visiting my blog! It's been such a pleasure reading yours as well. Cheers!

GMR said...

Gotta love these stories....so crazy, yet so believeable! Pets always do have a since of right and wrong...well, at least for them... ^_^

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

I'm imagining poor Ms Kumra trying to explain her injuries to a friend.

"I sustained them in a bizarre moose-related incident."

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Its amazing how you find this stuff-who knew animals were do bad? No innocence here!

Alexia561 said...

Love these stories, so please keep them coming!

Still giggling about the lockpicking baboons!