27 Dec 2009


To go back in time - it's Wednesday the 24th of December 2009. Husband dearest is off to the Dental Hospital. Pooter and I are busy scheduling my blog posts for the next few days so that I can visit all my blogger buddies without worrying if I have enough time, WHEN ........

DISASTER. A notice type thing (I'm as technical as ever as you can see) appears on the screen - YOU HAVE A VIRUS. YOUR SECURITY DETAILS, INCLUDING YOUR BANK DETAILS, ARE AT RISK.

Me: "Oh dear,"(or words to that effect), "What to do?"

Pooter: "Panic?"

Me: (After beginning to panic) "No, don't panic."

Pooter: "Send text message to see if Husband dearest is finished at the hospital?"

Me: "Good idea." (But no he obviously isn't it.)

When, off goes the electricity - another power cut. Oh well, I suppose that rather limits my options until some time later (electricity back on) Husband dearest, now finished at the hospital, calls to tell me not to panic, all will be well, he'll sort it out when he gets back and, in the meantime, do not switch Pooter on.

So began my Christmas holidays.

Apologies then for not being able to visit you all before the 'big day'. I hope you all had a wonderful time, full of love and laughter.

Anyway, onto the 25th where we spent the day with Husband dearest's family. Really nice to be together again, the time was passed eating, drinking and generally being merry. Niece #2, with a lap-top as a present, was introduced to the delights of Pen And Paper and spent most of the day annoying her dad by playing Dominick The Donkey (again and again and again) until even I was almost (but not quite) sick of hearing it. Our thanks to you all for the wonderful presents but especially to bro-in-law #1 for the, as usual, terrific food and sis-in-law for putting up with us all - not always an easy task. Which brings me nicely to our departure home.

Despite the fact that I claim some six foot of snow has fallen over the last 5 or 6 days, it's been more like six inches but as it has been freezing almost as soon as landing the paths and roads have been pretty treacherous and it was particularly bad here so accompanied by 3 men (Husband dearest, bro-in-law #1 and Billy our taxi driver) I made my rather tentative way to the car managing to slip only once. And so it was with much disabelief that I managed to survive icy paths without falling, only to trip up a 2 centimetre (or so) step in the house, re-breaking the toe that I had broken earlier in the year. just my luck!

Onto yesterday, the 26th and what is traditionally known as BOXING DAY. Usually we spend this day entertaining my family and a small group of friends at home but, circumstances being what they are (mam's growing frailness and sister now working, etc), this year Husband dearest and I travelled to visit my mam where yet more presents were exchanged meaning we can now almost see the dining room table. Quite a sad occasion that, once again, we weren't able to all be together but one, I'm sad to say, I think I'm going to have to get used to.

And finally, onto my other news. My 1000th visitor target was met (and passed) over the holiday period, WHOOPEE and I reached level 30 on Farmville so can now 'buy' my greenhouse.


Mary said...

Ooh, sorry to hear about your broken toe. Ouch!
I love the holidays but, like you, I notice how small changes in traditions have occurred. I guess that's just part of life - change. Sounds like you had a nice holiday. We did as well. Here's to a wonderful New Year.

Lydia said...

Ugh, a toe is not a fun thing to break. Nor is a sprain fun; (i'm still feeling the effects of a sprain from feb.)
And yes, WHOOPEE for visitors! Such a pleasure to help! ;)

Anonymous said...

HEY! I am the one who breaks bones! LOL! I hope it is feeling better. I know how it feels. I broke almost every toe.

I did have a nice Holiday. Stay safe in that freezing roads.

Martha said...

Best Wishes for a quick recovery for your tootsie.
Happy New Year to you and yours and congrats on the visit count and Farmville.

Kelly said...

So sorry to hear about the broken toe! Not fun!!

Also sorry about Pooter's virus. That's not fun, either!

I'm glad to have you back online!

Alyce said...

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about your broken toe and your forced blogging break. It sounds like you had a good time with family though.

Melissa (My World) said...

Sorry to hear of the few bummer items, but for the most part it seems as though it was a nice holiday... You got to see family and friends. We are as well the runners. We get to go visit everyone else, so I was unfortunately not able to make it to all my friends here in the blogosphere before the big day as well. But I really am making an effort today to say hello and pass on wishes of joy.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday. Thank you!

Jenners said...

Yikes ... sorry about your toe. That can't be fun.

And the computer virus ... SCARY! Hope he is all vaccinated and healthy again.

On the plus side, isn't it great to introduce your family to your blog? Of course, they're never as interested in it as COMPLETE STRANGERS but hey ... I'm not holding a grudge. (Sorry ... got diverted there.)

Wishing you a lovely end of the year and a wonderful new year.

TheLittleFlower said...

Computer virus?! I hate those.

Sounds like you had a nice holiday,and its snownig there right? Must be fun. Winter never happens here where I live. Boring! :\

Hope the toe gets better! :)

chitra said...

Sorry to hear about the broken toe.

take care!

Dorte H said...

How unlucky you have been. I hope you are on the mend and ready for a new (blogging) year soon :D

Bad Alice said...

I broke my toe once and it was a misery. Hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for stopping by to deliver Christmas greetings. I was out of the loop for much of the holidays, so I'll take the chance to wish you a Happy New Year!

Alexia561 said...

So sorry to hear about you rebreaking your toe. How awful to break the same one! Ouch! :(

Hoping that your hubby was able to get rid of the virus without too much trouble and everything is back to working order.

Sounds like you had a great holiday despite a few mishaps, and wishing you a wonderful New Year!

susan s. said...

Just catching up, and sorry to hear about your toe! Sounds like you had family coming and going! Happy 8th day o' Christmas!(probably 8th by the time you read this!)