22 Dec 2009


(Not exactly the best of photographs) I'd like to introduce you all to our good friends and fellow quiz team members. I would give you our name but, as I think I have mentioned, this changes from week to week as the fancy takes us. I'm now trying to think what our latest name was (some obscure band or other if memory serves) and failing miserably but other weeks names have included (desperately trying to think) 'Just The 5 Of Us', '4 Men And A Little Lady', 'Tracy's Island' and, named after the world's strongest beer, 'TACTICAL NUCLEAR PENGUIN' and then there was the time we decided to use a symbol, some squiggle or other, instead of a name just for a change.

I'm being very rude now, let me introduce you properly. On the right we have Paul, (hiding behind him) not a regular team member, his wife, Julie, (wearing my snowflakes, how very festive of him and further proof he doesn't altogether hate Christmas) Husband dearest, myself, Bruce and then, last but not least, on the near left, Micky.

For months now we have been saving any winnings from the quiz for our Christmas Night Out. Like a child, I was soooo excited as I never get to go to any Christmas parties - everyone say aaahhhh - but last night, just like Cinderella, I did get to go to the ball.

SIMPLY GREEK in Newcastle's BIGG MARKET was our destination. A popular choice with husband dearest and myself, Simply Greek is simply a great night out. Delicious, authentic Greek food with good size portions and, if you are really lucky, live music, Greek dancing and the traditional breaking of plates which unfortunately didn't happen last night though I did say the gang could come back to our house where we could smash some plates in the garage - an offer they didn't take up (can't think why).

Anyway a great night was had by all, we just need to keep winning those quizzes to pay for a Summer Night Out.

However, for me, that wasn't the end of a wonderful night - oh yes, more was to come.

On getting home, Husband dearest decided to down/up load (whatever it is you do) the photographs and tuned into my blog only to discover that, whilst out, my 50th follower (shouts with joy) had signed up and it was none other than UBERGRUMPY who, since we discovered each other not so long ago, has been a regular on Pen And Paper. Thanks Uber and, of course, all my other blogger buddies. Now I just have to reach my 1000th visitor (only 35 to go) and on Face Book's Farmville reach level 30 (only 200 or so points to go.)

P.S Anyone have a name for our quiz team on Sunday the 27th of December? All suggestions will be considered as if you don't come up with a name I have the must awful feeling we'll end up calling ourselves 'Anyone For Turkey' or 'One Sprout Too Many' - something too silly too mention anyway.


Tina said...

Goodwill Quizzing?
Sanity Clause?
Congrats on the numbers and isn't Grumpy great?!

Vivienne said...

Well done on reaching 50 followers. It looks like you had a great night out.

TheLittleFlower said...

congrats on you 50th follower!! ^^

it looks like you had an awesome time!

Rob Innis said...

50 - Hey I am well impressed (how much did it cost? only joking!) So why don't you think about a submission to Platinum Pages - be on the other side of the pen so to speak....

Kissed by an Angel said...

50 followers - fantastic!! Well done!! Looks like you had a great night out!!

Anonymous said...

That is way cool! Love photos...thanks for sharing. :)

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Peety, it sounds you had a wonderful time!.
Congrats on your 50th!!
hugs hugs

Kelly said...

Yummm! Greek food! I like it, but rarely get to have it. My little town here in south Arkansas doesn't have any Greek cuisine.

50 followers? Wow! I'm very impressed!!

joemmama said...

Lovely that you got to party!! Between flu and grumps, I missed all holiday parties..sigh. Maybe next year..Have a wonderful holiday!!

chitra said...

So happy for you Petty witter, 50 followers it is really nice to see that and hope and wish you have more and more.

Jenners said...

Congrats on your 50th follower! WOO HOO! I bet you have lots more in readers though! : )