19 Dec 2009


I seemed to have either stored up lots of animal stories or, friends knowing my love of all things furry, been sent them so today I thought I'd share some of them with you.

Firstly, and yes I know I've mentioned this once or twice before but for those of you who haven't already heard it, Dominick the Donkey is now available right here at the top of my sidebar - and for those of you who have already heard it, well, listen to it again.

* Bosses at a North aquarium are increasing security on one of their displays in a bid to end the late night excursions of an adventurous crab.

The shore crab, who's been nick-named Herbie by staff, loves to explore the aquarium when visitors have gone home but on his latest excursion he was totally unaware that he'd had a brush with death.

Herbie was found dangerously close to the otter enclosure, which immediately prompted staff to put a stop to his nocturnal ramblings, because he could end up as a midnight snack for the crab-loving carnivores.

- An edited version of an article by Coreena Ford, reporting in the Sunday Sun.

Also finding themselves in danger were:

* A cute kitten who miraculously survived a 900 mile journey - trapped under a train. No one knows how he got there, but a rail worker has adopted the ball of fur and named him Diesel.

* A hapless hedgehog who was treated at a Devon animal hospital after eating one too many fermented apples and getting drunk.

- Thanks to friend (S) for sending those.

But how's this for clever?

* An orangutan has become one of the world's most popular Internet snappers after keepers gave it a camera.

- the Sunday Sun.

But even stranger is this article found on Internet site WAYODD about an orangutan who stripped and mugged a French Tourist. Yes .....

* A French female tourist was stripped of her pants, shoes and socks while SHE took photographs of a wild orangutan in Malaysia.

Meanwhile over in England

* Cows in Beaminister, Dorset increased milk production by 15 per cent when farmers Jozef Andrezejk and Tomas Piotr switched off the classical music they'd been playing them. The herd much preferred Queen's We Will Rock you.

- Thanks to friend (C) for sending this via e-mail.

And finally

* If your four-legged friend answers to Rover or Kitty, it's a sure sign you are behind the times.

Recent research reveals a growing trend for pet-loving Brits to call cats and dogs by more human names with the

TOP 10 DOG NAMES IN 2009 being

10. Millie
09. Jack
08. Alfie
07. Holly
06. Max
05. Rosie
04. Ruby
03. Poppy
02. Charlie
01. Molly.

And the

TOP 10 CAT NAMES in 2009

10. Gizmo (Hardly human that one. I don't know too many Gizmo's, do you? PW)
09. Lucy
08. Oscar
07. Alfie
06. Tigger (Another uncommon human name? PW)
05. Poppy
04. Daisy
03. Smudge
02. Molly
01. Charlie.

- An edited version of an article by Tom Parry, reporting in the Daily mirror.


Tina said...

Lovely! I especially like the story about Diesel (since it has a happy ending!) Poor little thing must have been so afraid but at least he has a good home now.

UberGrumpy said...

My brother's wife's dog is called Ruby. Small world, eh?

Nina said...

I love Daisy, that name is so cute! If i ever get a cat it will be called Daisy, no matter if it's a boy or a girl.. LOL

reanaclaire said...

hello..christmas greetings from my www.reanaclaire.com

came by via betty's blog..
i have a labrador and i named her Labby... she is so big and rounded now, i think she has to go on a diet soon.. lol...

chitra said...

cows didn't enjoy classical music funny.. Loved reading all the news items.

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

My dog's name was Tara. I think it's a strong name for a collie.

Kelly said...

Really fun stories here!! They had a clip about the camera wielding orangutan on the NBC news here in the States recently.

I like classical just fine, but I have to applaud the cows on their good taste in music. I like Queen, too!

We've had a Daisy dog in the past. My current dogs are named Esther, Betty, Alice, Mabel, Blue, Mama Dog and the lone boy...Jed.

Middle Ditch said...

What fun! Poor Diesel. Great names. My cat is called Psipsina.

....Petty Witter said...

Welcome Reanaclaire, Thanks for visiting Pen And Paper, it was good to meet you.

Alexia561 said...

Love the animal stories! Had a dog named Max once. Current cat is named Didi, and realized that all of our animals have had human names. Never cared much for Rover or Spot.

And I love the Dominick the Donkey vidoe on your sidebar! Never saw that version before. Thanks for sharing!