2 Dec 2009


Just as well today's physiotherapy was cancelled as I've so much to post about. I should really be doing a review on my last read, I'm almost finished another book but have yet to post about this last one - not like me at all but what can you say about a book that was 'neither nowt nor someit?' to use another of my late nana's sayings.

And talking of my nana, I like to think that I'm a little like her in that I also like to see the good in people - after all, there are more good people then bad out there. You, my fellow bloggers prove that.

You know I've met some amazing people since I started Pen And Paper (how I wish I could meet some of you in the flesh) and have had some wonderful feed-back. Special thanks then to KELLY who, without fail, visits each and every day, GMR who did me the honour of awarding me the Humane Award and, lastly but by no means least, SHARON who did me the great honour of dedicating a post to me. Oh and I nearly forgot, thanks also to whoever looked at my blog and thought enough of my ramblings to include me in the BEST POSTS OF THE WEEK site.

That said, onto FREEVERSE, hosted as always by Cara over at Ooh .... Books! who is responsible for introducing me to more poetry then I've ever read before.


The Tyne is peaceful now.
We stand and smile at it -
watch the shipless water shimmer
and flow.

- Beth, age 10.

I am Turbinia
And I live on the open sea.
I live to feel the waves on my prow
And the seagulls on my back.

Mercifully or cruelly,
Depending on how you think,
I cannot smell the sea from where I am
What little is left of it is masked by varnish and disinfectant
At least the people around me are happy.

But one day,
One day
The sea .....

- Kiran, age 13.

And finally, it had to happen. Like a cat, curiosity got the better of me, and I've decided to do a Book Challenge so I'll be joining Vivienne at Serendipity in her CHRISTMAS BOOK CHALLENGE. Only problem being the lack of seasonal books available in our libraries - plenty of craft books but nothing in the way of novels so, at the moment I've opted for:

* A CHRISTMAS PROMISE by Anne Perry - a novel, on order from THE BOOK PEOPLE, which should arrive any day now.

And from the library's somewhat limited stock

* A book of festive poetry, CHRISTMAS PLEASE!


* THE VIRAGO BOOK OF CHRISTMAS edited by Michelle Lovric. An anthology reflecting the experiences of more than 50 women at Christmas.


* CHRISTMAS ON THE HOME FRONT by Mike Brown. A book all about how Christmas was celebrated during the war years 1939 to 1944.

Not exactly fitting the criteria of the Challenge I know but I'm hoping that won't matter too much.


Cara Powers said...

I may not comment everyday but I do read every single post. That advent colander is hilarious.

About today's poetry: Imagism! I love imagism.

I like the idea of the second poem but it could do with better execution. At any rate, it's better than anything I wrote at 13 (or lately for that matter).

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I just read a book that was "neither nowt nor someit" as you described. :) They are tough to review....

kiirstin said...

Wow. There's something so exciting about these kids and the way they can write. I love the imagery and the feel of both of these poems.

Anonymous said...

Very cool poems. I wish I had more time to read. Everytime I read a review I say I want that one. But I still have 3 books sitting waiting to be read!

Jenners said...

Humph. It makes me feel lame that these young girls write better poetry than I do.

And you're getting sucked into reading challenges, eh? Good luck ... they grab you and then you're doomed!

Martha said...

I look forward to your Christmas book challenge reviews.

themethatisme said...

Sorry darling, tried our library but all that could be had was 3 copies of A Christmas Carol and 2 copies of The Snowman.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the mention! I always love coming to your blog!

I decided to check out Vivienne's seasonal challenge and will try my best to meet it. I already had two books picked out (have started one of them) and can hopefully find a third.

I never ceased to be amazed at the talent these young poets you've been sharing have.