22 Oct 2009


Scrabble, also known as Literati, Alfapet, Funwriter and Palabras Cruzadar (Crossed Words), is sold in 21 countries and is available in 29 languages.

Whilst browsing through Tuesday's Guardian newspaper, I came across this interesting article about The National Scrabble Championships which took place here in the UK in August.

Here are 10 words from the final board that you may wish to remember. And yes, I know that most of them look like a word you'd find on Word Verification Balderdash as 'played' on Sheila's ONE PERSONS JOURNEY THROUGH A WORLD OF BOOKS.

1. ZOEAL - Any of the free-swimming larva of certain crustaceans, such as the crab, having rudimentary legs and a spiny carapace. (24 points)

2. FORINT - An aluminium coin and the standard monetary unit of Hungary (39 points)

3. ORIBI - A small tan covered antelope (24 points)

4. OESTRAL - From the noun oestrus. a period of sexual receptivity in most female mammals, during which ovulation occurs (21 points)

5. OU - South African slang for a man/bloke/chap (4 points) *

6. GI - A loose -fitting white suit worn in martial arts (3 points)

7. SEIF - A long narrow sand dune parallel to the prevailing wind direction (22 points)

8. CONTEAU - A hilly upland including the divide between two valleys (38 points)

9. VAV - The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet (13 points)

10. TI - A widely cultivated tropical plant, Cordyline terminalis, of the agave family (2 points)

* I was very dubious that this would be allowed but, yes, there it is in The Official Scrabble Dictionary.

Congratulations, by the way to Dave Wiegard - National Scrabble Champion 2009.


The Crap Blog Detective said...

Y-O-U-R (7) B-L-O-G (7) I-S (2) C-R-A-P (8)

Sheila (bookjourney) said...

This is a fun post! I would have never known those words and you are right - they do look like word verification! :)

Thanks for the link to me!

TheLittleFlower said...

Thanks for your comment the other day :)

....Petty Witter said...

The Crap Blog Detective. Not being nearly as rude as yourself, I'd like to thank you for visiting AGAIN - if my blog is so bad, why bother to take the time?

BB ♥ said...

I've never been one who liked scrabble much. Not to sure why. But I really want to play it now!


P.s I don't think your blog is crap. :P

....Petty Witter said...

TheLittleFlower & BB - Nice of you both to drop in, please feel free to visit again, you'll be more than welcome.

pinkfairygran said...

Ah, the old foot in mouth thing... I know it well!!! Is it confined to us Northerners do you think, are we more rude/blunt than people from the South?
Hi, and thanks for the message on my blog. Oh I love hedgehogs and books and writing, and like you, am largely confined to the house. What a lot we have in common! Like you said, thanks to He/she/it who will remain nameless, you get to discover lovely fun interesting blogs. Blogs that REAL people enjoy...

Kelly said...

I've loved playing Scrabble all my life!!! I'm not sure where they're getting the point count for some of those words, though (only one of which I've ever heard of, but thought was spelled differently). Maybe it's from the bonus spaces they have them placed on.

Now if I can just remember these words next time I play!!

Loz said...

Very awesome post!
Mega cool blog!

Dorte H said...

Very useful words, but they probably won´t do when I play with Danish friends.

I loved playing scrabble with my grandmother, because we would make up the most hilarious words. So it was not about winning or competing, just having a laugh.

Candy said...

G-R-E-A-T C-H-E-A-T-S!!!

(M)ary said...

your blog is not crap!!it is wonderful...

....Petty Witter said...

Thanks for all your words of support - you know what they say 'every cloud has a silver lining' and I've found my silver linings thanks to the rudeness of one individual.

Bybee said...

Thanks...I love Scrabble and I didn't know some of these words.

I never heard of the Crap Blog Detective. I wish he'd come visit me. I've been crap and blogging for more than five years now, I deserve my props.

....Petty Witter said...

Obviously not bad enough Bybee, you'll have to work on making your blog far, far worse than it is. I could pass on your details if you like, she says laughing.