25 Sep 2009

When We Said ........

........ "Everything I have is yours"

I hardly thought that that this would include this horrible chest infection that Hubby so lovingly passed onto me.

It all began on Monday morning when Hubby awoke with what appeared to be the most awful cold. By Wednesday this 'cold' had gone to his chest and feeling so ill he resigned himself to having to take the day off work and see a doctor and there began the problem.

He telephoned the surgery to ask for advice, only to be told to stay at home and telephone the National Swine Fever Helpline. On calling them and explaining the situation, he was told "phone an ambulance now, you obviously can't talk without pausing for breath, this is a medical emergency."

"I don't need an ambulance," replied Hubby, "It's not unusual for people to pause for breath whilst having a conversation, we do it all the time."

So after about 5 minutes of 'tooing and throwing' with the helpline insisting Hubby needed an ambulance urgently and Hubby trying to explain that, sure, he was poorly but he did not need the emergency services, Hubby hung up, thanking them for all their 'help'.

What to do next? As Hubby has regular check up's at the hospital (he has Crohn's Disease), I suggested that he call his consultant and ask his advice as, after all, there was a strong possibility he'd need to stop his medication until his chest cleared anyway.

"Yes, stop your medication," said the consultant, agreeing that an ambulance was not required. "And, if your chest is no better tomorrow, go to the walk in centre at the hospital."

Feeling no better and having spent another night sitting propped up in bed, Hubby took himself off to the suggested walk in centre, only to be told (yeah, you guessed) that he should have stayed at home and CALLED AN AMBULANCE. By now, feeling thoroughly frustrated, Hubby decided to stage an one-man protest and sit there until seen.

And, so a few hours later, he returned with a diagnosis of a chest infection and a course of anti-biotics.

I know that some people are really ill due to this swine fever but, as is typical of this government, total over- reaction seems to be the order of the day and so we are being treat as if we have no common-sense whats-so-ever, I mean surely the vast majority of us know when we really need an ambulance and, besides which, can you just imagine, with an already overstretched NHS, what would happen if everyone of us was to call the emergency services at the first sign of getting a cold.

Anyway to go back to where I started, I just want to thank Hubby for sharing this with me - yes, this morning I awoke with a runny nose and coughing. I can only hope that it doesn't end up with a repeat performance of yesterday, fingers crossed.


GMR said...

So you've caught one too, huh? Several people where I work (special thanks to the one that passed it to me!) are out with colds and several of my Twitter pals are under the weather too. I think it's the time of year and the crazy weather we've been having here (personally), but yes...over reaction seems to be their only reaction at this point over the potential worst case situations.

Hope you both feel better soon! (P.S. Advice recieved from some beyond the "chicken soup" method of recovery....hot tea, or a combo of lemon juice, honey and hot water....to help with the congestion) =0)

Dorte H said...

Get well soon! - hopefully without ambulances & drama.

The Danish government has also overreacted so it must have been impossible for pregnant women to figure out if they should be immunized immediately (or perhaps stay away from that). And what have we seen so far? Ordinary colds and light flus.

Kelly said...

So sorry to hear about the illness at your house! That's never any fun. At least you didn't have to resort to ambulances!

I got my seasonal flu vaccine this morning, but will wait and see once the swine flu vaccines are available here whether I want one of those not.

Take care of yourselves and I hope you're both feeling better soon!

Vivienne said...

Isn't it ridiculous how everyone is reacting to swine flu. I have never seen such panic.

I hope you feel better soon.

Jenners said...

Well, if it gets worse, just go ahead and take an ambulance!!! ; )

It does sounds like a bit of an overreaction to me but I guess there is a bit of hysteria with this swine flu thing.

We tend to "share" all our sicknesses in our house too ... it stinks. I'd rather have a chest cold than a stomach illness that involves vomiting.

Hope you feel better soon -- along with your hubby.

Petty Witter said...

Thanks for all your best wishes, we all seem agreed that over-reaction is the state of play here.

GMR: As a non-meateater, chicken soup is not on the menu. I wonder if mushroom soup has the same effect? Probably not. The hot honey drink sounds good though.

Dorte and Kelly: Due our seasonal flu vacination. We will now have to decide if we are going to have the extra swine one which it has just been announced will be given in order of priority.

Vivienne: How I agree with you. One of these days there will be a real reason to panic over some health issue or other and we will all have become so complacent about these things that no-one will take it seriously.

Jenners: I'm not too bothered by either cold or stomach illnesses (Its a migraine that I dread getting) but Hubby is a typical man when it comes down to cold bugs. He went through major bowel surgery with hardly a whimper but if he get's even the slightest sniffle, he moans and groans like you wouldn't believe.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I was very sorry to hear about the illness. First your husband had to go through it, and now you, its so depressing and I can sync with it coz its just been a similar week at my end. It drives me nuts because just when some one is recovering, the next person is down and by the time you are at your wit's end, bringing things to order, its your turn!

In India, swine flu vaccines are available but they are so expensive that I don't know how people with limited means will be able to afford them. The panic button has been set off to such an extent that any one with a cold or fever is treated as an immediate suspect, especially in any party, public place, things like that.

Please do take care of yourselves and I hope both of you feel better soon.

(M)ary said...

i think the advice here in the States for swine flu is stay home and tough it out. they don't want us out sneezing on folks.

i hope you feel better soon and it doesn't get as bad as your husband's illness!

i would recommend Breathe Easy tea:

Grandmère Mimi said...

Hey, Hubby, if you're listening, when you give your Beloved a gift, I'd think you could come up with something nicer. Just saying.

Seriously, I pray you both feel better soon.