9 Sep 2009

Whatever next?

'When did you last see your dog actually complete the crossword? Do you keep finding unfinished sudokus in his basket? Isn't it time you found out once and for all if he's really all there in the brain department? Well, now you can with How Smart Is Your Dog?, a self-scoring intelligence test for mutts! £4.99 from http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/

SOURCE: Real People magazine.


GMR said...

Seriously? What will they come up with next....although, one of my dogs would probably score fairly high, I'm guessing another one would be on the lower end of the totem pole. Best not to discourage them. =0)


Kelly said...

I live with 7 dogs (4 in the house, 3 outside) and I've often speculated as to how smart they are. I think it all depends on what type of intelligence is being rated. (doing tricks, herding, guarding, housebreaking, etc.)

I don't think I would spend money, though, to test this.

Petty Witter said...

What a lot of dogs, any other animals, Kelly?
I once did a post about the 10 most/least intelligent breeds - I'll have to see if I can find it again. I can't remember exactly what was on the list apart from a collie which rated rather highly.

Kelly said...

We also have cows and a couple of donkeys. At one time we had lots of goats, but we've sold or given them all away. (I obviously live in the country)

Any time we've had a problem with mice I've wished we had a cat outside... but I don't think our dogs would go for that.

And... you might not count tropical fish, but I did just lose an angelfish I'd had for 12 (or more) years! I miss her!

Of my 7 dogs, only one is purebred...a rottweiler. I like to think she's pretty smart. :) Seems like I've read border collies are one of the brightest breed.

Dorte H said...

I don´t know about dogs, but recently I read a cozy mystery, and the cat Virgil was by far the most intelligent character :D

Petty Witter said...

Kelly, I'd love to have a donkey - when we win the lottery perhaps.

Dorte, I read your wonderful review about Virgil. I think cats are by far the more intelligent - I know ours ran circles around our poor dog.

Heather said...

I didn't ask my dog to browse your blog with me, but I did enjoy myself and really liked your wide variety of topics. I enjoy reading jokes even though I tend to forget them minutes later.

Petty Witter said...

Thanks for your kind words Heather.
Do pop by again and feel free to bring your dog the next time - all are welcome.