10 Sep 2009

MY Reading/Book Club & The Challenge.

It's just over two and a half years since the start of my reading/book club which takes place at The White Swan Centre library, Killingworth - I don't think we ever did get around to giving it a name.

We are a group of twelve or so people (11 women and 1, token, man) who get together on the first Tuesday of every month to discuss a book (mostly fiction, though we did once read an auto-biography) which is always chosen from an assortment by librarian, Alison. Sadly, because of my health I don't always make the group but usually Hubby is able to collect my book so I don't miss out too much.

Having just read The Reading Group By Elizabeth Noble and visited a lot of blogs, I know it's popular to take part in reading challenges - something I have never been keen to do.

However, I think I may well set myself my own challenge and try to read all twelve novels as read by the five women in The Reading Group. I'm not promising I will be able to do it as I think I may have trouble getting hold of one or two of the books and I may not do it in the same order but I'm going to give it a go. So, all that is needed now is a name for my challenge. How about The Noble Challenge in honour of the author of The Reading Group?


Vivienne said...

Good luck with your new challenge. I haven't read The Reading Group, so I am unsure of the books on the list.

I am aware of a new reading group setting up online, that you might be interested in. It says it is for mums, but I am not sure that it is a requirement.
Here is the link.

I am sorry to hear you are not well. I had a year of bad health last year and I am finally reaching a healthy place, so I know how hard it can be.

Dorte H said...

I think that is a very Noble goal :D

I read Rebecca twenty years ago and The Woman who Walked into Doors a couple of years ago, and I enjoyed both of them thoroughly.

Good luck on your challenge.

Petty Witter said...

Thanks for that Vivienne - I will give the site a look.

Dorte: I loved the pun, 'noble' of me indeed. I've read two of the books though it was a while ago now - Atonement which I didn't enjoy very much and Rebecca which I did.

Heather said...

I haven't read any of those books, though I do have 'Rebecca' waiting. My 'Bookclub' is a bunch of Bookcrossing people who get to gether once a month and discuss books, but we don't have a set reading list. And then we give our books away, to each other or to any one who happens by or we leave them in the cafe when we are finished for the evening.