18 Sep 2009

In the wee, small hours.

Having decided that I really needed to be better co-ordinated on Farmville so that I only need visit once or twice a day (instead of many) meant some late night milking of cows which Hubby, thankfully, suggested he do.

This done, we both settled for the night, only to awake, both of us needing to 'spend a penny' (yes, we have synchronised bladders in this house). On looking at the bedside clock, I discovered, to my dismay, it was only 2.06 a.m. - isn't it annoying when you think you have been asleep forever only to discover it's only been a couple of hours?

Anyway, I digress. Both of us settled again, I found myself saying "I've decided (for some reason Hubby's heart always sinks when I utter these words - I can't imagine why) we aren't doing anymore late night farming"

"Why?" he asks, feigning interest and already half asleep.

"Because all night, in my dreams, I've been getting you to milk cows and collect eggs. Now I'm even nagging you in my sleep." I admitted.

Well, I suppose you have to play Farmville to fully appreciate what I'm saying - it's amazing how quickly these things can take over if you let them.


Vivienne said...

That is hilarious. Your poor hubby. I don't play those games as I know I have a very addictive personality and I will never get anything done.

Petty Witter said...

Vivienne, apart from chocolate (oh and tidying) I didn't think I had an addictive personality but now I'm beginning to think otherwise.

Kelly said...

I, too, have an addictive personality and I've more than once thought as I read your entries about Farmville that I'm glad I don't have access to that game!! It sounds fun (and consuming).

When my children were younger we all got involved in the SIMS game. It got to the point (semi-seriously) where I spent more time tending my virtual family than my real one!! I also got hooked on Animal Crossing. They would get off the schoolbus to find me glued to my son's game console.

Petty Witter said...

Hubby is like that Kelly. I have forbidden him from having a playstation or similar as he once 'baby-sat' one and was up till all hours playing on the thing. I'm not nearly as bad as this ---- yet!