13 Sep 2009

AAH - How Sweet.

In the USA, organisers had to cancel classes in Denver aimed at helping shy people overcome their problems when nobody turned up.

And meanwhile .......

In Germany, Markus Schmidt, 27, found an unusual way of proposing to his girlfriend. He spelled out "Will you marry me" in bales of hay outside her bedroom window. The labour of love took him over six hours and the use of two tractors.


Kelly said...

All I can say is Markus' girlfriend must be a heavy sleeper not to have heard a tractor outside her bedroom for six hours!!

...or maybe she wasn't home and came in by an alternate door (so she wouldn't see all the bales and wonder what was up). After all, it might be difficult to 'write with hay' in the dark!

joemmama said...

I live near Denver...and would have been too shy to go as well..too funny!!