26 Aug 2009

With criminal intent.

Burglar, John Pierce, found his thieving plans scuppered when he trapped his foot in the window of a house that he was trying to break into. John, 32, dangled there for an hour until a neighbour in Dartford, Kent, spotted him and called the police, who arrested him.

Some people might regret getting a tattoo done, but none more than Aaron Evans, 21. He was captured on camera breaking into a police car in Bristol - he was identified by his surname and date of birth tattooed on the side of his neck.

A German bank robber was his own worst enemy when he forgot to cut eye holes in his mask. At the crucial moment, he pulled his mask on, realised he couldn't see, so had to lift the mask to demand money from the cashier. The photos of his face allowed police to identify him, and he was quickly caught.

Mobile phone ring tones can be annoying at the best of times, but for Eric Nolan, 42, they were much worse than that. Nolan had broken a court order banning him from visiting his ex-girlfriend in Massachusetts, USA. When he showed up, she called the police and he hid in nearby woods. The police simply called his mobile phone and listened for the ring-tone.

After a day's heavy drinking, two men in Holyhead, Wales, missed their ferry home to Dublin. Spotting an unattended trawler, they hopped on board, hoping to sail it across to Ireland. After two hours going around in drunken circles, they finally managed to send out a mayday call for help.

Two men who broke into a drinks depot in Swansea were found by police in a drunken sleep in the yard next door, after they began supping their haul on the spot. Keith Cullen and Paul Wiggins have since been convicted of burglary.

A dozy car thief was arrested at the wheel of a stolen Audi convertible after he drove into an Adelaide automatic car wash - and then fell asleep! He was snoozing for an hour before the police were called and woke him up.

Clothes smuggler Oleg Demchak was arrested as he tried to enter the country from Ukraine wearing 15 pairs of pants, 4 tracksuits and 3 pairs of trousers. Customs officers became suspicious because he was sweating profusely and could barely walk.

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