10 Aug 2009

Anyone for ice cream?

Lucky pups have got a tasty treat when it comes to keeping cool this summer after a North company created a range of special doggie ice cream.

The frozen yoghurt treats come in three flavours, panting peanut mutter, oaty pawfection and chase your tail cheesecake.

The Frost And Hound deserts have been developed by pet nutritionists at pet food company Wagg Foods, based in Topcliffe, North Yorkshire.

They are made from natural frozen yoghurt which contains good bacteria to help digestion, as well as yucca extract to help reduce unpleasant odour from flatulence. Also hidden in the ice cream are dog biscuits.

The products are still in the development stage and are being tried out on some pets. Creators hope to have them on the shelves in time for next summer and aim to sell them in pet shops and super markets. The price has not yet been decided.

Tom Page, sales and marketing director at Wagg, said 'Brits are well known for being a nation of dog lovers .... with their pets often becoming one of the family. Because of this, we often treat them the same as our kids, although the titbits we give them aren't always healthy or safe for dogs.
'We wanted to develop a dog friendly icy treat which owners could feel confident would help cool down their pets and still be healthy - meaning dog and owner could both enjoy everyone's favourite summer pleasure together.' *

Nicola Purcell, whose dog Lawrence was one of the first to try the ice cream, said 'I love ice cream and Lawrence will always pester me and ask to lick out the tub, he won't stop until he gets his way.** This is the perfect solution to a hassle free night in front of the tv ... I can have my treats and Lawrence can have his.'

SOURCE: Lucy West, Sunday Sun.

* Make mine a Panting peanut mutter please. (who came up with these names?)
** Ever thought of saying and meaning 'NO'.


susan s. said...

They must have a very clever advertising company making up the names... too cute by far. Makes no difference to the dogs, of course!

Re saying no; I'll bet their children get everything they want too!

Erika Baker said...

It would be Yorkshire.

Erika Baker said...

Re ** quite agree! Dogs should never even learn to think that human food might be edible.
I'm seriously unhappy about all this "my dog is only human" nonsense. It offends my sense of animal dignity.