5 Jul 2009

Being Grandad.

Grief, I'm fast turning into a grumpy old woman. You know how they say that when you reach a certain age, you open your mouth to hear the words of your parents coming out - well! I've gone one better in that I'm beginning to sound like my grandad.

Having a 19 year old in the house is certainly trying my patience to the limit. I'm sure this generation will grow up with deformed spines (Why can't they sit in a chair, why must they lounge everywhere?) and fingers (All that texting they do, despite the fact they will be seeing s0-and-so in the next half hour or so). Hubby assures me it isn't only our 'house guest' that is like this but rather the vast amount of youngsters her age - AND this is supposed to make me feel better(?)

Anyway, another 'complaint' of mine is, to slightly misquote Oscar Wilde, 'They know the price of everything and the value of nothing' and that definitely seems to be the case if we are to believe an article that appeared in a newspaper this morning - all about students and the items they have left behind on vacating halls of residence/student accommodation, it's frightening reading.

The 10 most unusual items:

A six foot snake
A pole dancing pole
A life size skeleton
A pair of budgies
A giant white pet rabbit
A 1oft inflatable outdoor pool filled with water
Frozen chicken feet
A whip and a copy of the Karma Sutra
A scuba diving suit with air tank and flippers
A full size air hockey table.

Now, while the scuba diving suit with air tank and flippers was probably the most expensive and I can understand why anyone might be reluctant to take the pole dancing pole, Karma Sutra or, indeed, the whip home for all to see, it is the thought of anyone leaving an animal like that that really upsets me.

The 5 most common items:

Mobile phone chargers
Text books.

Source: Sunday Sun.

Actually re-reading that list, I think I can safely add 'more money then sense' to my list of complaints. Were we ever so careless with our possessions? As I said I'm beginning to sound like my grandad.


susan s. said...

Oh, I like this!

BTW, are you on Facebook? I found Erika, but don't know who to look for to get you. I searched on your name, but it didn't work.

Petty Witter said...

Glad you liked this post , Susan. Yes I am on Face Book - if you are in contact with Erika via this, may I suggest you ask her to propose us as friends, I think this may be the easiest way.