2 Jul 2009

There's that word again.

Last month I did one of those FaceBook 'things' which informed me of what my name meant (see June 23rd). Well , today, being at a loose end (again), I decided to see what my birthday month (February) said about me as well as how old I was mentally.

*Intelligent and clever. *Abstract thoughts. *Loves reality and abstract. *Changing personality. *Attractive, sexy. *Temperamental. *Quiet, shy and humble. *Honest and loyal. *Determined to reach goals. *Loves freedom. *Rebellious when restricted. *Loves aggressiveness. *Too sensitive and easily hurt. *Gets angry really easily but does not show it. *Dislikes unnecessary things. *Loves making friends but rarely shows it. *Daring and stubborn. *Ambitious. *Realising dreams and hopes. Sharp. *Loves entertainment and leisure. *Romantic on the inside, not outside. *Superstitious and ludicrous. *Spendthrift. *Tries to learn to show emotions.

(Aggressiveness - there's that word again. I could get really, really angry at that).

Now this is much more like it, when asked ' How old are you mentally? ' - the reply was:

40.* You are so calm and know heaps. Some people call you boring but when you want to you can be so much fun. You tend to be the one people go to for advice and you are the mother/father of the group. People love you, you 'parentiness'.

* Not too bad a guess, I'm actually 41.

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