23 Jul 2009

It's only July, but......


I had a very pleasant, though surreal, evening yesterday - Christmas at the Innisfree, our local club where Hubby is treasurer.

It all began last year when Hubby, along with a group of others, took over the running of the club after the last committee had left it in, shall we say, a 'bit of a mess'. Now, come November the staff were asking about their Christmas party. ' Sorry,' replied Hubby (also lovingly known as Mr. Scrooge) 'We simply can't afford it but come to me in six months and if things are any better, you can have it then.'

Well, folks in Longbenton obviously have good memories for last night, thanks to the hard work of the staff, new committee and regulars, they had their Christmas party, complete with decorations, presents for the staff and, of course, Santa Claus.

Needless to say, a wonderful time was had by all, helped, no doubt, by the 'free bar', and everyone went home happy, if not quite believing they had just come from a Christmas party - in July!!

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