10 Jul 2009


In China, keen angler Li Huiyan dug a 16m deep hole in the kitchen of his home in Chongqing after he discovered he lived above an underground river. He now climbs down it every day to haul in FISH, which he sells at £3.20 a time to local restaurants and shops.

Meanwhile .....

In Canada, police have been unable to trace a naked jogger who snatched a woman's bag of CHIPS while she was being served at a drive-in-takeaway in Langley, British Columbia. They say the case is proving difficult because neither the female customer nor the waitress serving her could offer any description of the man's face!

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Sherrie said...

Of course they can't find the naked jogger, they weren't looking at his face! Good one, I like this! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!