29 Jun 2009

Make me laugh!

Good grief, it's been a long night - too warm and sticky (by English weather standards anyway) to sleep well plus both Hubby and I have had a bad night, himself with his back and me with my leg. Then to cap it all, just when I seemed to be settling, our 'house guest' saunters in at 4.15 this morning making enough noise to wake the dead. Anyway I digress.

Having seen a joke I had posted on FaceBook (see 'Yummy!' below), conversation, at the quiz last night, turned to humour and how my jokes were unfunny and/or as old as the hills. Okay, so they might have a point, but could they do any better I challenged. Here is one of their suggestions, please let me know what you think or even share your favourite joke with me - I could do with a laugh.

This little blonde girl comes home to her mammy and says " Mammy, we learned to count today. Everyone else counted to five but I counted to ten. Isn't that very good? Isn't that because I'm blonde, Mammy? "

" Yes, dear, " says the mammy, " that's because your blonde."

The same thing happens the next day with the alphabet. " Mammy, Mammy, " says the little blonde girl, " all the other girls only got as far as D, but I got as far as K. Isn't that very good, Mammy? Isn't that because I'm blonde? "

" Yes, darling, " says the mammy. " That's definitely because your blonde."

The third day she runs in to tell the mother that at school today, they all went swimming. " And all the other girls had no breasts, Mammy, but look at me! I'm thirty- six D. Isn't that good, Mammy? Isn't that because I'm blonde? "

" No darling, " says the mother. " That's because your twenty-five."

And whilst on the subject of favourite jokes, perhaps now is a good time to share one of Hubby's.

Q: What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?

A: A stick.


Doorman-Priest said...

I liked them both!

Erika Baker said...

I liked them too!
But could you possibly stop using pink font? I'm finding it very difficult to read against the beige background.

Petty Witter said...

Ah but which do you prefer, my usual offerings or these? Is that a better colour, Erika?

Erika Baker said...

That's perfect, Petty, thanks.
I don't mind which colours you use, colourful is quite nice! But I struggle if there isn't enough contrast.

Now I must pass this blonde joke on to a few people:-)