4 Jun 2009

The Drowning Girl.

The Drowning Girl By Margaret Leroy.

"She's my daughter, but in some weird way I feel she isn't really my child."

Young, single mum Grace is drowning. Her little girl Stlvie is distant, troubled and prone to violent tantrums which the child psychiatrists blame on Grace. But Grace knows there's something more to what's happening to Sylvie.

There has to be.

Travelling from the London suburbs to the west coast of Ireland, Grace and Sylvie embark on a journey of shocking discovery, forcing Grace to question everything she believes in and changing their lives forever.

I don't know what it is about this book but I couldn't put it down. I have never read anything quite like it though it did remind me of a BBC1 series that was shown a while ago.

With well written characters, you could literally feel the despair of Grace and the sometimes fear of Sylvie, The Drowning Girl was, at times, totally predictable, though just when you thought you knew what was about to happen the story took a twist. It was also, somehow, slightly unbelievable, with a plot that didn't always make sense but never the less a good, compelling read though I personally believe the author could have made more of certain aspects of the book.

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