24 May 2009

Talk about coincidence.

Hubby had just finished introducing me in the wonders of the site known as FaceBook, when we stopped for a break to watch two of our favourite comedies - "My Name Is Earl" and ,the even more brilliant ,"The Big Bang Theory" (Sheldon is rapidly becoming a hero to Hubby).

Anyway, in "My name is ....", Joy was similarly being introduced to 'BuddyBook', where on learning her husband, Darnel, had 300+ friends she was heard to comment :

"Who needs that many friends? Everybody knows you only need two, a poor one to make you feel rich and a fat one to make you feel thin."

Needless to say, with views like that, she quickly discovered that no one actually wanted to claim her as a 'friend' but then true love prevailed and Darnel spent the whole night creating hundreds of fictional friends for his wife. Aah.

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