18 May 2009

Remember Space Cadets?

Way back in April 2009, when I was a novice blogger (ooh, hark at me), I posted an entry entitled My Week -end Part 1 in which I mentioned that Hubby and I had had the rather dubious pleasure of seeing a comedy act, I use the term in it's broadest sense, called Space Cadets who were advertised as "Space Cadets - as seen on Britains Got Talent". Well, every week we dutifully watched, would tonight be the night? Saturday, it turned out, was the night and what a let down it was.

Having seen them live we were pretty sure Simon Cowell et al would not think much of Space Cadets, it was even rumored that bets were being taken amongst the Innisfree regulars as to how long the act would last before being given the 3 X X X 's that saw the end of the audition, not very long I suspected and boy was I right! If ever there was a case of false advertising, surely this was it, blink and you would have missed the whole thing. "Space Cadets - as seen on Britains Got Talent" Baah Humbug!

Footnote. Hello Hubby, if you are reading this, So far, so good - your computer lives to see another blog. Just off to watch Neighbours and Home & Away. xx

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