20 May 2009

Random Funerals.

I love that well known British soap opera Coronation Street. I was brought up watching the antics of Elsie Tanner, Mrs. Walker and, perhaps my favourite character of all times, the roller wearing Hilda Ogden. Set in a fictional suburb just outside Manchester, it is the story of "everyday working folk". I love it for it's strong women characters, I love it for it's sense of community but, most of all, I love it for it's humour. Tonight's episode was a classic example of that humour and how I laughed.

Several of the regular characters plus a newcomer to the street were sitting in The Rovers (shortened name for The Rovers Return- the local pub) discussing that days events which had included the sudden death of a regulars father when the following conversation took place.

BLANCHE (Elderly widow, lives with daughter Deirdre and son-in-law Ken): "I've been to more funerals this year then you've had hot dinners."

RAMSAY (A newcomer, long lost brother of Norris): "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

DEIRDRE (Blanche's middle aged, chain smoking daughter, currently not speaking to her mother): "Don't be. She didn't know them, she just likes going to random funerals."

BLANCHE: "So now your criticising my hobbies."

As I say you had to laugh, or is that just me?


susan s. said...

This one too! Love it! Yes, I had to laugh. I know people like Blanche...

Petty Witter said...

Yes? I'm told that every church has at least one Blanche - I couldn't possibly comment.

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