18 May 2009

One before bedtime.

It's way past my bedtime for, as Hubby would tell you, I'm no night owl (unfortunately I'm no lark either which only leaves midday when I'm fairly human) but tonight I simply can't sleep , probably something to do with Hubby being away for a few days, and whilst I'd normally pick up a book or just lie there, staring at the ceiling, now I have a new toy -the computer and a new past time - blogging. Yes!!! Anyway here's one for the road or I really will be like the proverbial bear with a sore head all day tomorrow.

CUSTOMER: " Do you have any dogs going cheap? "
PET SHOP OWNER: " I'm afraid not Sir, all our dogs go woof "

So, as I always say to Nephew C and Niece N when they sleep over (yes ,I know they are now 16 and almost 20 but I've always said it ) :

"Night, night.
Sleep tight
and don't let the bed bugs bite
but if they do"
To which they reply
"blast them with dynamite."

And on that note, it's goodnight from me.

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