14 May 2009

Like peeping at .........

I thought I was finished with my daily dose of blogging (Hubby has certainly unleashed something by suggesting I start) but, being particularly bored today, decided to further test out my new found skills. I know, I thought to myself, I'll look back at Hubby's earlier blog entries. Well this, I must confess, felt a bit naughty, almost like peeping at another persons diary but hey-ho I suppose this information is there for the world and it's wife to view if it so desires.

What I found brought back so many memories and had me both laughing and crying. I was particularly taken with his recall of (A) The day we met -How I hated him, I went home in floods of tears vowing to never go back to work.Thank goodness I did. (B) The day of the non proposal - yes Hubby I'm still waiting and, finally, (C) The day I came home to find him dressed in black stockings, french knickers (red ones at that) and a nuns habit. If it wasn't for him continually complaining that the suspender belt kept "twanging" up his leg and, of course, it being in aid of charity I'd have worried he was enjoying the experience a little too much. How I wish he hadn't already posted those particular photographs - I'll have to dig out some more now.

In any case without getting all nostalgic, and boring people to death in the process, I'd just like to say how glad I am to have entered the world of blogging which proves to hold a lifetime of personal memories along with the opportunity to take a peep, no matter how brief, into the lives of others. That said, can you imagine what will happen when future generations /visitors from other planets (delete as applicable) get their hands on this "living history"? Goodness only knows what they will make of it all - I know I'm still having difficulties.


Carrie said...

Thank you for your comment!
I love blogging. Isn't it great?
I think its so wonderful that we can hold instances in a piece of writing forever and even if you go back and reread your own work... its always just as touching.
I love to read!
I only recently got into short stories due to a short story book club at school. It's been very interesting.

How did you feel reading into your hubby's mind!?

I think its great that both of you blog... I hope when I meet my other half... he is a blogger. Haha. :)


Petty Witter said...

Aah. You mention school so you are either a lot younger then myself or perhaps a teacher(?)
No matter. It's your obvious love of books that interests me.
Your book club sounds interesting. We had nothing like that at school, the nearest I got was my O' level English Literature course and I'm afraid 2 of the 3 books we studied were enough to put anyone off reading for life or maybes I just didn't appreciate them aged 15/16.
I now attend a monthly book club in a local library where we read a book, review it and then discuss it - much more interesting.

Petty Witter said...

So sorry Carrie. Was so delighted to have found your blog, I obviously didn't read your details carefully enough. I know now you are at college rather than at school and are not a teacher but are hoping to study law - my mistake.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Petty, if the world can read your hubby's blog, then I think it's fine if you read it.

It's really cool when I write about my travels, because it's like a journal which I never would have kept had I not blogged about them.