25 May 2009

It's no good.

I'm sorry but I can't bring myself to read another sentence, let alone another page, of the Marilyn Manson autobiography. I give in. Instead I'm going to read the new Victoria Hislop book. Did anyone read her last novel, which was also incidentally her first , 'The Island'? I highly recommend it, it's a wonderful story.


Erika Baker said...

I haven't read her, but I wanted to ask you if you've read Bernhard Schlink's Reader. I've just finished it and thought it was one of the most compelling books ever.

Petty Witter said...

No, haven't read that one but I will make a note of it in the hope of getting round to reading it - I seem to have quite a backlog at present. What is it about?

Erika Baker said...

It starts off as the story of a 15 year old German boy who has a relationship with a much older woman. Years after they have separated he sees her again, this time as an accused in the Nazi trials.
It's very compelling!