5 May 2009


Hubby and I had a good Bank holiday week-end almost spoilt by an article in this weeks Radio Times, I wouldn't care but it was tucked away where I can only presume many would have missed it. The article that had upset us so? And I quote....

" sky1 has bought the rights to the new (fifth) series of HOUSE and will premiere it this summer. It will be repeated on Hallmark and will thus not be shown on Five or any other Freeview channel. "

All very well but what happens to those of us without Sky or indeed cable t.v. of any sort? It's getting to the stage where Hubby and I will think twice before starting to watch any of the major new American blockbusters. I, for one, can't help but think that The Mentalist could be the next to go the same way as House or indeed Lost which was, excuse the pun, lost to Freeview viewers after series one.

At this rate Hubby and I will have to put principles aside and subscribe to Sky or much more likely the House box sets will appear on our shopping list. Anyway, I am sorry if this is news to any House watching, non Sky subscribing, Pettywitter followers out there- I may have just ruined your day.


Erika Baker said...

Heard of Sky.
House? Who blogs it?

Petty Witter said...

Hello Erika, House, starring Hugh Laurie as a people hating, genius doctor. Have made a link to the show web-site. Well worth watching but only if you have Sky.

Erika Baker said...

I like Hugh Laurie.