12 May 2009

For Grandmere, another of Hubby's favourite jokes.

A pet HAMSTER, after a long and happy life, dies. It's distraught owner, after much thought and many tears, decides to bury it in the garden under her strawberry plants.

The next year the strawberries grow in abundance, there are far too many to eat, so the woman decides her only option is - JAM. Once made, the woman, sick of muesli, dreams of strawberry jam on toast. But the jam is inedible, not nearly sweet enough, so the woman uses it as fertilizer (as you would) and digs it into her flower bed.

The next year the flowers , TULIPS, grow in abundance, the woman doesn't have nearly enough vases to display them, and being a kind soul, gives them to her next visitor. "

"Ooh, What lovely flowers, such bright colours. Wherever did you get them?" asks the grateful neighbour.

"Well." replies the woman, "To be totally honest, they are in fact, TULIPS from HAMSTER JAM."

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