27 Apr 2009

My week end part 1

Now that I'm an experienced blogger - oh how I wish. The hubby still comments on what he sees as my poor mouse control. Goodness only knows what the neighbours must think when they hear him shouting " Just get a hold of it, stop tickling it, it won't bite.". Anyway I digress, where was I? Oh yes, as an experienced blogger I feel a strange desire to share my experiences, views etc with the rest of the world and it isn't always pretty- the term grumpy old women could have been coined with me in mind and I'm still only 41, oh dear.

In any case today I'd like to share my weekend. It started on Friday evening, as a weekend generally does I suppose, when I set out with high hopes to the Innisfree, our local working mens club, to celebrate it's 4oth birthday. There was much excitement as The Space Cadets, billed as having appeared on this years Britains Got Talent, were the "turn". Well, they had to be seen to be believed, words could never convey what they were like though, rubbish (I'm being polite here) seemed to be the general view.

What were they all about then? I suppose they could best be described as being a kind of Barron Knights (remember them?) type of act in that they dressed up, took well known songs and changed the words to make them funny (oh how we laughed - not) so that the Elvis song "In the ghetto" became "In the Netto" while the Meatloaf hit "I would do anything for love" became "I would do anything for food". You get the idea. BUT, that wasn't all. Their act included other sketches, one of which involved them appearing starkers with only balloons to cover their, er, modesty. These balloons were then popped and well I'll leave the rest to your imagination. As I said it had to be seen.

After a break for the raffle and bingo (what is it about bingo?) The Cadets returned. What could they do with the second half? To be honest I didn't really stick around to find out. I changed my return taxi home from 11.30 to 10.00 and thank goodness I did as at that point they went on to sing/ruin Hungry Eyes, one of my favourite songs. But I'm reliably informed that they changed emphasis and became a sort of motown tribute act with not a single "joke" in sight, however, they were, by all accounts, just as loud, Hubby's ears are still ringing 3 days later, and just as awful.

To be continued .......


Ruth G said...

Hello Tracy
This might be the way to go for talking- since we seem to spend more time leaving messages that actually speaking to each other! Though afterreading your Blog I am a bit disappointed that you did not take my call on Friday because you were at the club- how dare you not stay at home waiting on me to ring you- or receive the letter that I started on the 2nd April and still not completed (don't get your hopes up- it will not be a 14 page saga- in fcat you will probably be left wondering why it has taken me so long!!)
Glad you have dragged yourself into the computer age- though I must admit this is the first time I have ever read a blog- and that would still be the case if Neal hadn't told me you have started blogging
Carry on the good work

Petty Witter said...

Hello Ruth G. Another follower, YEAH. I'm not too sure Hubby really counted and him being my only follower was, well, kind of sad. So mine was your first experience of a blog, that could go to my head if I let it.Please feel free to keep in touch this way but understand the phone or pen and paper are still my first choices- Im just an old fashioned girl at heart and there isn't anything like a letter hitting the doormat, though I can't say this isn't fun.