Hello and welcome to Pen and Paper.

Let me begin by letting you know that I'm a blogger based in the north east of England who only reads paper copies. I only mention this now as I understand postage can be prohibitive and especially when a book is being sent overseas.

So, still interested in my reading and reviewing your book?

Let me tell you a little more about myself and my review policy .....

An avid reader of most genres, my favourites being historical fiction and crime fiction, I am more than happy to read and review most books (including those meant for children and young adults) though I'm afraid this does not extend as far as erotica or books featuring sports.

I will always offer my honest opinion, acceptance of a book does not guarantee a high rating.

With regard to Time Frames and Word Counts ... As always I am more than happy to consider accepting books to review. However having been very unwell recently I have found myself way behind with my schedule and thus sadly have taken the decision that though as always I shall endeavour to do so as soon as possible at this moment in time I am unable to commit to a time frame in which I shall be able to review your book(s). If you have a specific deadline to meet and/or my review must be completed in a maximum number of words could you please let me know as soon as possible, preferably before I accept the assignment. 

As for Star Ratings ... Whilst I recognise these are required on many sites, I prefer to judge a book on its own merits and whether I enjoyed it or not and, as such, do not use such a system on Pen and Paper unless requested to do so.

Posting on Pen and Paper as well as on my Face Book page,  Pinterest, GoodReads and FB's Book Bloggerr Group page, I also reserve the right to post my book reviews on other blogs or sites. 

What about Amazon?  ... Alas, along with many other bloggers, I am currently experiencing difficulties having my reviews accepted on I am however open to posting reviews on other such sites as required

With a view towards copyright ... For full terms and conditions please see my Copyright Policy.

Though I never sell books received for review, because of certain restrictions (too many books and not enough space) I regularly pass them on to family and friends or as of April 2016, donate them to the World Book Night (an event which sees books go to people who do not regularly read) unless I'm aware of any objections to this.

As well as the 'First Sentence' and Memorable Moment' quotes I routinely use as part of my review I reserve the right to include any other quotes unless specifically asked not to.

It has recently come to my attention that several couriers are requesting that a telephone number is required alongside any mailing address. Apologies that because of the large number of so-called cold-calls we receive I am unable to supply a number.

Apologies that I do not accept any e-books, I prefer my reading material to be in print.

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to the possibility of reading and reviewing your book. Please feel free to contact me at ...........


NB As of July 2019 my name was legally changed from Tracy Terry to Felicity Grace Terry. Whilst I have plans to change my email address in the future it will remain as above until further notification.

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(Updated July 2019)