2 Dec 2022


Hurrah! The first of my Christmas 2022 books.

Amongst several bloggers {including Lainy at So Many Books, So Little Time; see her post herewho over 10 days will be participating in this Blog Tour. Today {the 9th day of the Tour) its my pleasure to be sharing my thoughts on ...


Genre ... Saga

Publication Date ... 24th November 2022

Publisher ... Headline

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count ... 384

Purchase Link ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mothers-Christmas-Wish-heartwarming-sacrifice-ebook/dp/B09GFHCKBP

 I hope this Christmas is better than last year's.'

Following a scandalous affair, wayward Emma Devaney is sent in disgrace from her home in Ireland to Ryhope, where she will live with her widowed aunt, Bessie Brogan, and help run her pub. Bessie is kind but firm, and at first Emma rebels against her lack of freedom. Struggling to fit in, she turns to the wrong person for comfort, and becomes pregnant.

Accepting she must embrace her new life for the sake of her baby, Emma pours her energy into making the pub thrive and helping heal the fractured relationship between Bessie and her daughters. She catches the attention of Robert, a gruff but sincere farmer, who means to win her heart.

As December approaches, thankful for the home and acceptance she's found, Emma is determined to bring not just her family, but the whole Ryhope community, together to celebrate - and to make one very special mother's Christmas dreams come true. ... Synopsis

On the day Emma left Ireland and her old life behind, the first snow of winter fell. ... First Sentence, Chapter One: December 1923

One week later, on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, Emma stood proudly behind the bar at the Forester's Arms. She wore a white pinny over her skirt, and her long hair was neatly tied back. In the corner of the pub, the Christmas tree, still leaning to one side, was now decorated with paper chains. ... Memorable Moment, Page 101

 Disgraced girl is forced to leave her home after a dalliance with the vicar of all people, said girl falls in with a bad boy, becomes pregnant and catches the eye of the previously overlooked nice guy who is intent on winning her over.

With female leads of the kind I adore, Emma's aunt Bessie, kind hearted, loving and yet at the same time, strong minded and certainly no one's fool, the back bone of the community, a typical, no nonsense, north east woman, the lynchpin of a story which, as my beloved late nana would say, warms the cockles of your heart.

A Mother's Christmas Wish is one of those easy reads  that, like slipping your feet into well worn slippers, feels reassuringly warm and familiar; its gossip fuelled 1920's small small village setting and its warm, feisty female leads, a setting and characters that, doubtlessly recognisable if you've ever read a book by the likes of Catherine Cookson, make for ideal winter reading.

About Glenda Young ... Glenda Young credits her local library in the village of Ryhope, where she grew up, for giving her a love of books. She still lives close by in Sunderland and often gets her ideas for her stories on long bike rides along the coast. A life-long fan of Coronation Street, she runs two hugely popular fan websites.

Follow Glenda Young ... For updates on what Glenda is working on, visit her website glendayoungbooks.com and to find out more find her on Facebook/GlendaYoungAuthor and Twitter @flaming_nora. 

23 Nov 2022


 Amongst several bloggers who over 7 days will be participating in this Blog Tour. Today {the last day of the Tour) its my pleasure to be sharing my thoughts on ...


Target Age ... Children (ages 3-7)

Genre ... Fictional Picture Book

Publication Date ... 27th October 2022

Estimated Page Count ... 28

Standalone Third Book in The Grand Bug Hotel series

Types of post available ...

Order Link ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09TNGTYZL

Flicker and her friends discover how helping others can be fun.

Queen Bee can't stop sneezing, so she won’t be able to oversee the pollination of all the fruit and vegetables in the garden this year. Not only does this mean there won’t be a Garden Party, it also means there won’t be any yummy food. Flicker and her friends help save the party—and the food. ... Synopsis

Today is a special day at The Grand Bug Hotel. ... First Sentence {Page not numbered}

Flicker's tail started to glow. It always did that when she had a bright idea. ... Memorable moment {Page not numbered}

The story of Queen Bee who, due to her allergies, fears she is never going to be able to organise that year's pollination ... that is until along comes Flicker who, along with her fellow garden bugs, sets about helping. 

Will they be able to save the day? 

I can promise children and adults alike will have such fun finding out in this incredibly sweet story with an environmental issue that hi-lights the importance of helping your fellow bugs; of pooling your resources and working together.

With beautifully done, full colour illustrations by Bryony Clarkson, Flicker's Garden Rescue is vividly brought to life meaning even pre-readers will enjoy a story that, ideal for both the home and classroom, not only makes for a fun filled read but one that opens up the opportunity to discuss the natural world all around the children.

The second of the author's books to feature on Pen and Paper this month, you can find Jodie Parachini's Dig It, Digby here.

About Jodie Parachini ... Jodie Parachini is a children’s author and editor. She lives in a village in Hertfordshire, England, where she loves swimming, gardening, and taking long, rambling hikes with a smelly dog. She can be found at www.JodieParachini.com

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21 Nov 2022


 Amongst several bloggers who over 7 days will be participating in this Blog Tour. Today {the 4th day of the Tour) its my pleasure to be sharing my thoughts on ... 


Target Age ... YA

Genre ... Historical Fiction/ Adventure

Publication Date:  28th September 2022

Standalone Novel

Page Count ... 198

Pre-Order Link ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Young-Eagle-Rising-Ellie-Joyce/dp/1915122953/

Ireland 1735. Thirteen-year-old William Baxter has a grandmother with peculiar powers – so peculiar he believes she must be a witch. Taking this secret with him, he reluctantly sails with his family to the New World and the promise of a better life.


But Pennsylvania proves to be a savage, unforgiving place rife with warring tribes, slavery and dangerous animals. When William’s life suddenly takes a terrifying turn, he is thrust headlong into a battle for survival. Consumed with hatred for those responsible, he desperately wants to return to Ireland, but the coast is one hundred miles away and the trail runs through native territory. Alone and frightened, he sets out on what becomes the journey of a lifetime, determined to survive and have his revenge.

Young Eagle Rising is a coming-of-age story, a mix of fantasy, history, adventure and the enduring love of an old Irish witch. ... Synopsis

I hoped the ship had sailed already. ... First Sentence, Farewell To Ireland

There was a river of calm in that big man's soul, and I reckon some of it splashed on me because my fear began to dwindle. I tried to stay awake, its only polite to listen and make conversation as Da would have done, but my eyes were heavy as rocks. I heard Erik mention an old Native path that went toward Philadelphia, then he paused to fll his pipe with a spit of baccy, and in that moment, I dreamed myself safely back in the cabin and Ma at my side kissing me goodnight. ... Memorable Moment, Page 53

I have said it before and I'll doubtlessly say it again, to my mind, a great story is a great story whatever the intended age of its readers and, my goodness, Young Eagle Rising, is a great story; I'd even go as far as to say my favourite this year.

Though marketed at a Young Adult audience {widely considered those twelve to fourteen years and upwards} because this explores some of the realities faced by settlers{the dangers of a long sea voyage, including death; the mistreatment of slaves;  the scalping by Native Americans etc} Young Eagle Rising might not be considered advisable for really young or highly sensitive readers but as for the rest of us ... well, no longer a young adult by more years than I'd care to think of, to say I'd enjoyed this story is an understatement.

A sort of boy's own adventure story; an adventurous coming of age story that sees the scrawny William and his family set off from Ireland to the New World, leaving behind his beloved grandmother who is the village's wise women, where he will come into contact with not just sailors and his fellow settlers but also those who make their livelihood trading as well as slaves and their cruel masters, native tribes people and the rulers of Pennsylvania Colony.

Full of great characters, the major ones all male; Will a fantastic and intelligent narrator who paints a vivid picture of both his homeland and the Americas. Warm and respectful of all he meets, he quickly learns that things are rarely black and white, that there are good and bad, the honest and dishonest amongst all peoples. I was therefore a bit saddened that whilst the author had been so careful not to depict the relationship/dealings between the white settlers and native tribes as being clear cut, the same could not entirely be said of her depiction of the relationship/dealings between the various tribes. 

A rather small niggle; as a whole, definitely in my top three if not my favourite read of 2022, I found Young Eagle Rising totally compelling reading from the off.

About Ellie Joyce ...  Ellie Joyce was born and raised in Belfast. She holds an A.L.A.M. (Dip. Acting) from The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She and her husband have four children and live in Leicestershire. Young Eagle Rising is her debut novel. See more at elliejoyceauthor.com.